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  1. Taking script requests for free

    Farming script would be nice.
  2. Would it be possible to implement String Jewellery from the lunar spell book to your magic script? Only reason I purchased.

  3. I'd pay an extra 2-3 a month for mule support FYI. =] Ex. pm to bot: "All bars." will then teleport to grand exchange or just stay at blast bank and trade the username you provided in the script startup.
  4. So.. Who's excited for Thursday's update?

    New bot client > Holding my breathe.
  5. This Needs to Be Addressed

    Cooking Level: 1
  6. This Needs to Be Addressed

    Do you do anything with your time other than lurk forums & make up for your father face fucking you in your sleep as a kid with hateful posts? You need Jesus, kid.
  7. This Needs to Be Addressed

    Sorry, but if you think it's alright the client has been down for 3 days, it is not. TriBot has "100% Uptime" so when I pay for a service I expect that 100% uptime. 3 days down out of 365 days in a year, that's already what.. ? Only 99.2% uptime? 3 days in a row. Not good. @ banner.
  8. Finally!

    Title was troll, contents were not.
  9. Finally!

  10. Finally!

    Just like to share how I've found my "success" in botting Theres no Gaurantee any of this works, but I'd like to share how I seemingly increased my chances of successful botting. 1. Account creation. -Do tutorial island by hand. -Build an hour of combat stats. -Do a few RANDOM quests. (Again no proof, but I seem to get banned quicker when I only do the basic 7qp quests.) -LOG OUT. Once you've got a few combat stats, quests and even skilling experience, log the account out for the remainder of the day 2. Proxy's/VPS Now, I've made 4/10 of my accounts on my home IP that have had many accounts banned on before... With that being said, those 4 accounts have made it the 30 days along side of my accounts on proxy's & VPS. Do I think proxy's are worth it? Yes. do I think they are a necessity? No. 3. Time spent botting i see a ton of posts asking if breaks really help or not.. In my opinion? 7 of my accounts running two separate private scripts have been running from 11am - 3am Central time (outside of jägex office hours) and the remaining 3 have been suicide (1-5min breaks every 6 hours) and made it just as far. so yes, I see breaks as a useful but not necessarily to just set "human behavior" but more so to reset your account's login timer. (Personal theory.) 4. Choosing your script. I spent countless hours and money out of my profits on trying to increase my gains by attempting some more popular money making methods and it just doesn't work. From my experience, finding more discreet methods/scripts will save you accounts, time and money in the long run. Look for lower user counts, or find yourself a money making method in game and create your own/ pay a scripter @Mute <~~ to do it for you. [He's made me one of my more recent scripts & does excellent work.] Anyways that's just a brief explanation on how I've found my success in keeping accounts running. Hope some of you can benefit from this.
  11. Runescape or Proxy's?

    Are RS servers slow as hell or is there some coincidence my 2 VPS's, & 10 proxy's are all lagging tonight. - 3 separate proxy/VPS companies.