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  1. https://tribot.org/forums/vipvoucher.php
  2. I'm in progress of tearing your thread apart from your ignorance. Never heard of 2MHS, but the first 3 are all the same thing. Bruteforcing is just attempting to 'crack' things. OP ---- Getting Infected: Fake Programs Exploits Java Applets Drive By's (different from a Java Drive by, it's actually real) Binded to another program In another program (downloads and executes) Bruteforce Sandboxie isn't safe, sorry to tell you this, but it's like a debugger, it is still ran on your computer and can fuck you up. If you ran a virus in Sandboxie and the user who infected you noticed it, it would be VERY bad if they wanted to do something. I could have all of your information by the time you're done with running my binary in Sandboxie, realize that it isn't 100% safe, and it only removes traces of the program, but it is still fully functional. Reverse Engineering: You are completely ignorant and inexperienced for saying something like that. That isn't reverse engineering, that's sniffing, hurr. Reverse engineering is bypassing certain functions of a program in order to do something unintended by the user. You aren't reverse engineering shit, and you could get someone's information with Anubis none of your fake advanced crap that you're trying to make up. Courtfeit keyloggers? You mean, Hex Edit? Lol.
  3. Why not just put all of the installs into 1 line? Much easier.
  4. The picture is proof that the guy is threatening to DDoS him, in fact, Khanz went off for about 5 seconds. But why would you ban for this? I never said anything about that, at all. http://puu.sh/2IfUj hmm.... Yeah like that applies here? Please BS your way into things more. This is NOT related to the site at all, IRC isn't even touched by the staff, matter fact. Anything else you wanna try to pull before you ban me for no reason (probably)?
  5. Depends if it works, currently you can bypass interface but pretty sure it'll be patched because it can also be used for any other stall for bugs lol. With interface you'd be able to do like 4k reports/h lol I'll start working on it right now.
  6. Think I might make one, worth a release?
  7. The picture is proof that the guy is threatening to DDoS him, in fact, Khanz went off for about 5 seconds. But why would you ban for this? I never said anything about that, at all.
  8. Like I said, I DON'T SELL THE SERVERS WITH HIM. That is all HIS business. I am NOT involved with it what-so-ever.
  9. I thought TriBot uses less then 500mb? Initialization of the Java VM can be up to 1GB.
  10. The fuck did I do? Like I said, making up your own rules! Sorry that truth isn't allowed on these forums.
  11. L, you don't need a datacenter to sell servers, matter fact, we started off with a 64GB dedicated server, and bought another one after profits, it doesn't take a genius to figure out you're being ripped off though, especially by this. Oh, to the rule thing, it appears most of the moderators here tend to make up rules on their own accord to warn me for, but I really don't care any more. I'm off, good luck to all being ripped off. , I'm gonna go ahead and make my own service mate!
  12. http://forums.zybez.net/runescape-2007-prices
  13. I'm not affiliated with him, I'm friends with him, he asked me to put it in my signature and I said why not? PayPal balance: $0.10 USD Does that look like I'm making money for this? No sir. I have all the rights to investigate whether or not he's providing a legitimate service to people and not reselling servers, maybe I might be a customer in the future? You never know? Inb4 you make up rules to warn/ban me for, like what usually happens around here, eh?
  14. Prove that you're not, what virtualization software are you using? http://i.imgur.com/nCFXvR7.png Those packages are like, exactly the same tho.
  15. You most likely don't have enough memory to open TRiBot.