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  1. Why not just put all of the installs into 1 line? Much easier.
  2. Quite obvious if you know what it is, if you don't not really worth the time.
  3. Highly doubt it, don't see why it would be hooked .
  4. Actually to be fair, Java is essentially a scripting language itself. To add Javadocs, you can either download them in a zip file or file system or link to the docs page directly. In your project setup in eclipse, go to external references and click the dropdown menu next to whatever Jar the code actually pulls from (not sure, haven't started scripting yet myself) and click on the javadocs option. You should be able to figure it out from there. If you think Java is a "scripting language" just because there is something called JavaScript, doesn't mean shit. You don't know anything, sorry. You made me giggle. ASIDE from JavaScript, Java actually runs through a VM which interprets Java's compilation language "bytecode" (Python and Ruby use it too). What do you think a scripting language is? Damn dude, you really just realized that Java runs through a VM? You don't need to tell me that, I'm not a fucking dumb ass. Other than half of the idiots on the forums who think they know what Java is just because they watch tutorials on specifically "Making TriBot scripts", I was saying that I'd rather not have people who don't know shit about Java make "scripts" for TriBot. I'd prefer people who actually know the language instead of people who have no experience whatsoever. Funny, I hardly know any Java but I can script flawlessly. And don't forget, the language Java itself is a scripting language. That is because you learned how to make scripts as in learning how to make scripts, not learning Java and making scripts. No, I know Java, and Java is a scripting language, lol.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okkqI5TGWtM If you like Hip-Hop, Chopped and Screwed music is good if you got weed, opiates, or both.
  6. I personally think that this isn't bad at all, for better efficiency, I'd say you should use Conditional Sleeps instead of a while(true) loop for when the player is moving. Wait for the interface to show up (I make my own boolean's for detecting things for it, makes it easier) and then do the action, to prevent a player's lag from overtaking the script and continuing on without carrying out the first thing it needed to do. Nice job though!
  7. It's in the "snippet" section for a reason, tweak it anyway you please. Now that the scripter ranks are up for grabs you 2 seem to flame quite a few threads. Doesn't bother me though but labrocca, come talk to me when you can write more than a tar picker lol Thanks for the feedback fellas. Tnwrestler360 I have a private Red Spider Egg looter, white berries looter, chopper, AIO flax spinner and picker, my own tutorial island script, my own fight caves script, there's more coming for myself. And I'm on this section because everyone seems to post their half assed snippets so they can get scripter rank. I don't come to this section, I view new posts, see what there is, and if I want to respond to it, I do.
  8. My thoughts exactly Spectrum, this is probably 50% more code than you actually needed for it to be a decent method.
  9. Java uses the IP that the system sees, not the browser. VPN would be the only option with a Java applet.
  10. Try and catch are much better to use in my opinion because you don't have the script crash from something breaking due to an error in the value returns.
  11. It would work great as a function you could enable or disable, I honestly think, until TRiBot has breaks in it.
  12. Yay, another tutorial that is actually a tutorial. I'll get to reading this later and see if it will help me improve my practices. +1.
  13. Funny, I hardly know any Java but I can script flawlessly. And don't forget, the language Java itself is a scripting language.
  14. Where is the dependencies folder exactly? The root of the tribot directory, in %AppData% or /home//, .tribot.
  15. Import every single JAR in the dependencies folder.