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  1. Hey guys, hoping someone has the knowledge they can share for this problem I'm running 4 bots with looking glass on maxthon. I have 2 proxies and want to use 1 with the first 2 bots, and 1 with the other 2 bots. I cannot figure out how to do this in maxthon - opening two maxthons doesn't work, because if you change the proxy for one maxthon window, the other maxthon window takes the same settings. tl;dr how can I use two proxies at a time on maxthon? Help appreciated, cheers guys
  2. Thank you very much man, I appreciate the help! Going to purchase some of these tonight.
  3. Just found a bug. Nothing crazy, but when my body runecrafters ran out of essence, instead of quitting the script, the mouse just started erratically moving around.
  4. Yesterday my entire bot farm got banned. The script I was running broke on all my farming accounts because it had an error in it, and I am pretty sure this is why all the accounts were banned. I am still determined to keep botting. Assuming my IP has now been flagged, would using the proxy feature get around this problem? If it wouldn't fix the problem, what could? Thank you, have a nice day all
  5. Extremely good script, fast and reliable. Great job on this
  6. Thank you so much for making this open source, i'm learning a lot from your code. I especially like how clean you made all the altar code with AbstractAltars
  7. Thanks guys! Would anyone be able to link me to a good resource for implementing an inventory listener?
  8. I've finished making my first script: A pretty simple woodcutter. I want to count the number of logs the player has cut. So far i've made a variable: int willowsChopped = 0; Then I will increment the variable every time a log is cut. What is the easiest way to check if my player obtains a log?
  9. Just wrote my first script, and it doesn't seem to appear in my script manager. If I click File -> View Local Scripts Folder, I can clearly see the .class file for my script in the folder. I also have a ScriptManifest added before the class name. Please Help! I'm eager to start writing more scripts!
  10. I bought this script a while back and im trying to use it now,but it says i need the latest version.Where can I update the script? Sorry for noob question
  11. Quick tip:For anyone using this bot,dont make your name something like "26 Spade Run" or "greg324432" Any people trying to lure your bot somewhere will instantly be tipped off that you are using a bot. Try get something original,my bot uses a 3 letter name (what bot would have a 3 letter name?) This makes your bot a lot less likely to be lured. Bought this,had some troubles with payment but USA helped me out.Cheers.Great script,havent been lured or scammed once by anyone using it.
  12. Added you on skype,please get back to me,i'd like to buy the script
  13. Rename it to "Afrokin exp counter"
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