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  1. $1.90 is most likely the lowest on market right now but thats from player. I was just checking to see if anyone else has a better site.
  2. as title says. I have a website for $2.15/m just wondering if theres any cheaper out there
  3. same thing for me on the most recent release of tribot. its not just you. it would be nice to see a fix for this.
  4. Hey, ide just like to say thanks so much for your script because honestly it is the best out there. Your not going to see a better script than this. Keep up the awesome work because you deserve every penny you get.

    1. RuniteRocks
    2. RuniteRocks


      turn your pms on so i can send you break settings

    3. dro


      sorry about that. its on now.

  5. this script is flawless. on windows 7 I put the priority of java to high and it never lags never messes up nothing. flawless script great job. honestly the fastest way to get to 99 because the script is flawless.
  6. This script starts sexy gui and everything but just sits there and does nothing
  7. Hey I'm just here to tell you how to get great exp power leveling. i'm using this because I like to AFK level and not eat food so I can go longer while gaining the most exp possible. -this method has no benefits except stat increase. -fast -usable by any AIO fighter. Npc list of all killable cows in Lumbridge east cows. NPC id's 1. 81 2. 397 3. 1766 -calf don't add for faster exp 4. 1767 Enjoy.
  8. this is a problem with the client. the plant random is fucking everyone up and its up to tribot to fix it. kick back and relax and baby sit your bots because it will keep happening 100% until tribot fixes the client.