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  1. hey im interested do you have discord? mobbin.wow for skype I added you
  2. yeah the bot is getting stuck at fally smelting. clicks them but doesnt click the second window that pops up. Also stopping at Varrok cooker and not clicking on the second window. Thanks for the script non the less. got a few levels off of it!
  3. Hey, ide just like to say thanks so much for your script because honestly it is the best out there. Your not going to see a better script than this. Keep up the awesome work because you deserve every penny you get.

    1. RuniteRocks
    2. RuniteRocks


      turn your pms on so i can send you break settings

    3. dro


      sorry about that. its on now.

  4. This script starts sexy gui and everything but just sits there and does nothing
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