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  1. Another progress report, this time at Wyverns. The profit is a bit off, it's actually around 700-800k.
  2. Been using this script for a day now and I must say I've had more luck with this one than the other AIO combat script I have, it's very simple to use once you get the hang of it and it's flawless.
  3. Could you please add an option so it only loots from the monsters that you kill? I use this on my iron man, but with looting, it can be annoying because it will just click until the item disappears.
  4. syf54017

    USA's Lumbridge Flax Spinner [FREE]

    @Usa sure, added you on skype if not i can pm you details
  5. syf54017

    USA's Lumbridge Flax Spinner [FREE]

    @Usa yes, how long?
  6. syf54017

    USA's Lumbridge Flax Spinner [FREE]

    always ends claiming there is no flax even though i have lots a fix would be greatly appriciated, its sooo fast. thank! @Usa
  7. tested it for spinning flax in lumbridge bank @warfront1 and it for some reason clicked all over the place and would stop spinning sometimes and walk somewhere in the castle then keep running back sometimes multiple times per inventory , looked very clean though
  8. I would attempt to use this again after the scripter re - wrote it if chooses too. He has the only experiment script which thousands of people use so im sure jagex is all onto this script and probably even study his code
  9. Just got my very aged pure banned who has never botted before in about 8 hours using this script. Though the script did run very nice and i was very impressed with it.
  10. NVM FOUND THE DEBUG [16:37:55] Right clicking object...[16:38:03] Charging orbs...[16:38:03] Clicking obelisk...[16:38:04] Right clicking object...[16:38:12] Charging orbs...[16:38:12] Clicking obelisk...[16:38:13] Right clicking object... @joedeezy1
  11. I think you press shift or something to hide paint
  12. apparently does not work for the zammy monk even though his thread says it works for EVERY NPC.