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  1. What's the bot/client debug say for you? I've been using this bot for a very long time and works perfect for me
  2. https://gyazo.com/bf35d3f655da257d2db5c5afda57e931 You have this disabled correct?
  3. syipkpker1

    Expired ban?

    Going through my 3 year old bots and I've noticed half of them were expired bans,
  4. If the client was detected you'd be banned for macroing. I was using this client a year ago when the client was detected and I got banned within 2 hours of using a script along with without even using a script. Maybe one of the proxy settings were incorrect.
  5. @erickho123Any known reason why bot doesn't try to login when we get an error by the call of "Your accounts has not logged out from its last session, or the server is too bust right now. Please try again in a few minutes"
  6. Buys items from shops, commonly some items from stores are lower prices than the GE. Also world hopping is an option. Also script sells items to shops.
  7. syipkpker1

    DH Absorbs

    Your script is supposed to flick the "rapid heal" prayer to stop the natural regen of health in game. Please check to see you have that option checked. If so, still contact your script maker.
  8. Cannon balls have been getting banned quickly before they make enough profit to cover the bond just an fyi.. but try it out
  9. Skipped all questions and put no on the questions on a few accounts Cx. .3% away
  10. Private scripters will charge you 50$ per hour of scripting if youre looking for a decent script. Even try looking into the script maker bot. Unaware of the actual name. But best of luck for you man!
  11. Literally all the above posts about having the script tell you to send in an incorrect spawn is due to lag. I posted about this long ago and to have it fixed is learn the patterns and learn where you can run before taking extra damage. Script shouldn't be purchased or be used if your net is below 1mbs download.
  12. Happens once in a while, wait 10ish minutes. Do what above poster said. Easy fix is buying VIP.
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