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  1. The products I sell: I sell almost any Jagex/RuneScape upgrade here. I currently am always stocked with Squeal of Fortune spins, Jcoins, and 30/90 day upgrades. You can pay for these via PayPal (if I think you won't chargeback), EoC GP, or 07GP. The prices change everyday so if the price you see on thread isn't what you want to pay, ask me what the current price is. About my sales and why you should buy from me: -I sell physical game cards, these are not SMS upgrades. -My upgrades are a 100% legitimately obtained. -I can sell for PayPal, EoC, or 07GP. -I will always use a middle man. -I will never run out of stock. Applying the upgrades: I am always 100% safe when selling my upgrades and will put 100% effort into the trade so one gets scammed. When you purchase and upgrade, spins, or Jcoins there are multiple ways to proceed about it. The first option is to have me go on your account via runescape.com and apply the code, you can stay logged on RS3 while I do this. The second option is to apply it yourself over Skype screen share. The third way to apply it is to find a trusted middle man and have them go on your account and apply the game card. The fourth option is to have me apply it over team viewer, this way you don't have to give me your password. If you have another method to apply it, just ask me about it. Contacting me: I only have one Skype and that is Risky.Fresh you are always welcome to add me if you have any questions at all, if you are trading with me always request a private message, I will never turn one down. Terms of Service: -When applying the card I will do it over Team Viewer, I will go on the account and apply it, or you will screen share you applying it on Skype. -You must go first if your not trusted, if you don't want to go first, we will get a middle man. -You will feedback after the trade. -I have the right to decline any trade. -If you cancel the screen share or the team viewer call, the trade is voided. -By purchasing from this shop, you agree to the Terms of Service.
  2. I have added you, we can use a middle man.
  3. Added you if your still interested.
  4. Hey, if you still haven't bought these, I can sell your 4, with a middle man.
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