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  1. If you want quality hardware, don't buy AMD.
  2. What an awesome reply! Thanks alot man, I'll get to those pushups!
  3. I will buy this if it goes premium. I am not 63 Hunter yet for Red Chins however.
  4. Thanks for everybody's feedback. I have been lifting for about 3 months now And I agree I do need to bulk up alot more but i guess this picture doesn't show my arms very well. I will keep you guys posted with more photo's as i progress!
  5. I don't have any before photos of me before i started lifting weights. but this is what I look like now, just thought I'd share. Don't hate me I will be 19 in just over 4 months I have been lifting weights for about 3 months I was 75kg's before i started exercising (I was overweight and unfit) I currently weigh 62kg's