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  1. When trying to wield your primary weapon and off-hand after using G maul the script ends up spam clicking the weapon about 4-5 times which results in it wielding it and then re-wielding the gmaul. If you let it try again 2 or 3 times it wields it but I imagine this looks a little weird.
  2. Tom


    Been working fine for me for the past week. I've switched from using ranged to strength and tried using potion support. When using normal combat potions, it withdraws (3) dose rather than (4) dose, can we fix this so it withdraws the highest dose? Thanks!
  3. Got another short proggy for you after a short break of RS.
  4. Occasionally missclicks Teleblock and gets stuck in the inventory page trying to cast Teleblock on ore. I was stood for approximately 50 minutes before I noticed.
  5. I'm getting these exceptions when trying to launch the Launcher.
  6. Try putting them in the first tab/top couple rows if they aren't already.
  7. It's loading Tri Ranging Guild when I am trying to use this script? On another note, heres a couple proggies that I have taken just to show other people. All of them are from different sessions. On some occasions I have logged in via remote assistance from work into my home PC and restarted the bot after the 6-hour logout essentially running this script for 12-hours a day.
  8. Been using it for about 70 hours so far. Average about 23k str xp and 100k gp/hour. Run 8-12 hours a time.
  9. Honestly? Those features are things that are only ever done by bots. How many times have you legit stood there and examined an NPC 100 times? How many times do you move your camera from a perfect position to show less NPCs?
  10. Go into settings and uncheck "Screen record randoms" if you hadn't already figured out.
  11. Only suggestion is remove all the bot-like features such as checking the friends list, examining things. Never once have I legit done any of those things.
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