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  1. script stops working after I get a random event. like it stops clicking the monsters, and just logs off after break handler kicks in.
  2. Tried the free CombatAIO, EncodedMiner, anything I run it happens
  3. My scripts stop working after I get a random, this has been happening for the past 2 days... any solutions?
  4. as of last night, my randoms get solved but the script (no matter which one i'm running) gets stopped right after. any advice on how to fix this?
  5. yeah I think you have the script a bit messed up, all the iron items make different iron items.... wrong ID's maybe ?
  6. Also, I logged on, hopped worlds, chose a high risk world by accident, then chose a normal world and when i tried to log in I was banned. WTF
  7. Just got TEMPORARILY banned for botting agility, bot for 1hr break 15 minutes ish, no longer than 6 hour sessions, using paid script, got 1-50 agility on a lvl 35 pure with well rounded noncombat stats, the highest being 56wc. I made this account to be a zerker, I'm like half done with skill requirements for quests, what do I do/how do I proceed about botting and not getting permed?
  8. Hey guys I'm trying to make a zerker pure, and bot all of the stats for rfd, including 60 att 99 str 85 range 94 mage. What scripts are the most fullproof if I only bot about 6-8 hours a day? Basically what I'm trying to ask is how to I make an account like this without getting my ass banhammered?
  9. [14:55:56] Starting client.[14:56:48] Downloading script 'HamoodCrawlers'.[14:56:52] Script Started: HamoodCrawlers.[14:58:40] java.lang.NullPointerException: Null parameter 'model'.[14:58:40] at org.tribot.api.DynamicClicking.clickRSModel(wo:1263)[14:58:40] at org.tribot.api.DynamicClicking.clickRSModel(wo:1097)[14:58:40] at scripts.HamoodCrawlers.G(HamoodCrawlers.java:197)[14:58:40] at scripts.HamoodCrawlers.run(HamoodCrawlers.java:545)[14:58:40] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[14:58:40] Script Ended: HamoodCrawlers. Maybe you could have the script spamclick the doors? Spamclicking usually gets you through them without needing to answer a question and usually takes less time.
  10. it was looking for ring of lives, my bad. The script constantly gets stuck in the middle room of the second floor of the stronghold, and the script stops, please fix. Totally not worth the 10.99.
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