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  1. Grats on release! Lucky that they came out with teletabs pathing for barrows is a bitch.
  2. Sad thing is he is probably not moving much and using an app to spoof his GPS location
  3. Their used to be an option in the GUI called right click only check if that exists
  4. Yeah, TRiBot was the first bot to have a functioning barrows script and people were making bank with it. It is definitely still possible if you invest enough time into creating a strong ABCLv2 script that also levels the accounts. Old wBarrows proggy
  5. ABCL or Anti-ban compliance level is a 1-10 scale on how well the script comply with the standards of anti-ban ABCL10 is full compliance. There are two versions of the anti ban compliance commonly referred to as ABC1 and ABC2. ABC2 is the newest and best version which incorporates and expands upon ABC1. Scripters must add these manually to each script. You can require that your private script meet ABCL10 but no one will be able to review the code and determine that. Customarily Trilez will review all premium scripts to ensure they meet ABC10.
  6. Documentation is way better than the initial ABCL documentation. Looks great!
  7. The idea has been around forever you will be banned within 24hrs or until wealth gets into the office monday morning https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/28-wsudoku/ not sure if that works I doubt it
  8. Why do they not have the actual price of items in their JSON api but they do have it in the title of the page.... Anyway for reference guys: Runescape exchange API for an individual item: http://services.runescape.com/m=itemdb_oldschool/api/catalogue/detail.json?item=13190 Runescape exact price last 180 days api: http://services.runescape.com/m=itemdb_oldschool/api/graph/13190.json Runescape Item look-up API: http://services.runescape.com/m=itemdb_oldschool/api/catalogue/items.json?category=1α=old&page=1 Parameters for item look-up: alpha = the search term and page is the page number you are looking for. There are 12 items per page. OSBuddy exchange API: http://api.rsbuddy.com/grandExchange?a=guidePrice&i=13190
  9. The Variables object is about the same as variables class. It is better but you should aim to break down your script into as many objects as possible. For instance with my somewhat unfinished rewritten hunter script I broke it down by three objects MegaHunter, HuntingMethod, and Traps. MegaHunter was similar to the variable object but only held some of the GUI settings that couldn't fit into HuntingMethod or Traps and it also held the HuntingMethod variable. HuntingMethod held all the information that was important for the script to run and what traps the method would use. Using the loop method inside of each HuntingMethod object it would be able to execute that "logic" of the script and use the assigned traps to capture its prey. Whatever works that is not confusing and easy for you to do is probably the best.
  10. wussupwussup

    Rune Soduku

    I have one but it was the first script I wrote and it is the worst thing I've ever written. I'm pretty sure all the sudoku bots are still being banned very quickly. Unless the solver is very slow and human like. The best sudoku bot right now would just be an overlay that guided you to solve it manually in order to eliminate the ban rate as much as possible.
  11. If I recall correctly they OSBuddy didn't delete the feature. Runescape actually change the way the code is displayed to the clients. If they didn't remove it completely then it is still possible for tribot to display.
  12. yes https://www.reddit.com/r/2007scape/comments/1dlcwh/85_combat_took_a_long_time_but_it_was_worth_it/c9rhpzc
  13. Internet Explorer is about it most people use LG with the official runescape client, OSbuddy, or the other approved third part clients.
  14. It can, but almost no one uses c++ for web applications. Node.js is my preference but as you said everyone has their own.
  15. Uhh c++? I would recommend using Node.js and you probably meant C# / PHP
  16. I've never had that occur someone probably already has access to your email or something then.
  17. why would someone want your account?
  18. Logic for monsters is in order to evade how normal bots always pick only the closest monster (highly bot like) The delays after killing a monster vary between actions as always clicking right a way would be bot like. The delay is randomly generated based off of a seed that is randomly assigned to your account.
  19. I posted a thread about a year ago when they confirmed this on reddit.
  20. Been very busy as end of semester is this week but we will make sure to pick up the pace of development soon
  21. I just got your message today. First of all not picking the closest monster is an aspect of the anti-ban. It will not always target the closest monster and it will not always pick up the closest loot. This is part of the requirements for ABCL. I hadn't know of any issues with the ring / magic teleporting this is the first I've heard of it. It will be looked into.
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