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  1. Script has been running fine for me
  2. zachbot

    [Discontinued] AeroRunecrafter AIO

    Keeping this script updated is going to be a huge pain in the ass. I can't even imagine how many bugs you're going to have to squash with this one - good luck though, would love an astral script
  3. zachbot

    [Free] Texan's Astral Runecrafter [V1.1]

    Npc contact for dark mage is NOT a part of Old School RS.
  4. zachbot

    [Free] Texan's Astral Runecrafter [V1.1]

    Add pouch repairing support and I'd be willing to pay $20-$30 for this script
  5. One method for fixing the freezing temporarily is to delete all of your jagexcaches
  6. my nature runecrafting bot somehow managed to pick up a green mask - was running this script on my main and looked over at my other client - I'm still not sure how it happened
  7. zachbot

    Nature RuneCrafter

    Level 3... it takes like 3 hours to bot up to like 30-40 combat if you're going to do it with 5 accounts might aswell take the extra effort to level their combat - are they all default skin too?
  8. zachbot

    Nature RuneCrafter

    Id's changed again - script gets stuck before entering altar
  9. Ive ran over 10 hours a couple times, heres a pic http://puu.sh/2vG1j