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  1. Hey Guys Question is in the title... Might seem simple but I can't seem to find these setting anywhere! Kind regards!
  2. The super energy drink doesnt seem to be working, I have energy potions (3) in my bank but it doesnt seem to withdraw them, any reason why?
  3. The bot is fucked for me, ever since the update it keeps dieing without any messages as to how it died... Also would it be possible to add the pouch retriever into the USA Abyss bot? I cant afford VIP on Tribot anymore so I cant use it :/
  4. Wow this is the 3rd time today I have died its pissing me off '"health is below 40% we need to teleport", now i log in at fally.........
  5. omg its teleporting at like 2-3 wildi, also I died AGAIN it is soo annoying going back to get pouches
  6. I'm not getting errors, It just says downloading and then never loads
  7. doesnt seem to even load for me :\
  8. ffs, ive died twice now - emergency teleport fail.........
  9. Now mine exits house and re enters with building mode. wtf lmfao NVM it got stuck again ffs
  10. AFTER rs update today my bot gets stuck in house, it does not even turn on building mode
  11. My connection was fine it happened after 6 hours when i got logged out, it works now though... also the bot didnt enter law rift, is this a known problem?
  12. Again... "maximum amount of instances for this script has been suprassed, cannot run script" fix please