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  1. But that doesn't solve the question in answer. Once you're 30 in each, then what?
  2. I don't agree, Getting one or the other first must be faster. Either max hits from strength or max hits from upgraded weapon, If you go 5-5 you're getting max hits but then making it inefficient by not getting one first with max hits from one(Str) or the other(Weapon).
  3. So i've always wondered, Which is the most efficient, say getting 40 att first for rune weapons or 40 str first to hit higher? 60 Str first to hit higher or 60 att since once you get 60 you can wear Dragon etc. I usually go straight for Strength then Attacck. What's your guys opinions on this?
  4. restarting sorted it out after i moved it to canafis bank, took a couple of minutes to realise where it was once started but it worked. the trial was very good other than that hickup, will probably buy the script for 2 weeks.
  5. Using the trial, It worked fine on Varrock agility course, tried moving to Canifis with around about 10-20minutes left on trial and it just stands AFK. i'll try restart Tribot.
  6. Between 10-50seconds. Alching is clicking intensive, I believe this to have a high ban rate via their auto bust system, It's not about the money as runes in NMZ would cost a bomb anyway. I want the lowest ban rate possible, if you understand. Besides, what I was talking to you about, Chins is pretty afk for the same price, I'd consider that a low ban rate area. Until you said there wasn't a good working script.
  7. I'm not being funny but if you would have read the first page you would have figured out how to set this up, like the rest of us.
  8. I mean, Because of the continuous clicking, I believe the auto macro system would be able to catch it very fast.
  9. Could someone post their magic setup with gear and inventory? No idea what spell to cast. I'm 70 magic with no ancients. I was tempted to alch but the continuous clicking puts me off even with LG.
  10. That's where you're wrong, Unless you consider 8-10mil "a lot" But like i posted earlier, spending the extra 8-10mil saves you an extended period of time (50hours estimate) Time=money.
  11. Yes it is, because it's done in such a shorter amount of time, atleast half the time. Chinning from 75 range costs like 50m. Blowpipe from 75 range costs like 40m. Save 10m but spend an extra atleast 50 hours. In that 50 hours saved people can do otherthings to make most of the money back, Like Zulrah. I think even doing green/blue drags for them 50h instead would make you back 20m of it. *Rough example of easy money making method* It's all about the efficiency man.
  12. Just saying, blowpipe is like 300k gp / hour. Doesn't really cost that much less than chinning, except chins will save you how many hours.
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