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  1. Probably, but who cares. Don't get paranoid
  2. It doesn't make a difference in the way it works, but it looks so much sexier in my eyes
  3. Great work man! Another few tips: You specify each variable seperately like this: private final RSTile FLAX_TILE = new RSTile(2470, 3404, 0); private final RSTile BANK_STAND_TILE = new RSTile(2445, 3424, 1); private final RSTile BANK_CLIMBDOWN_TILE = new RSTile(2445, 3416, 1); private final RSTile SPIN_CLIMBUP_TILE = new RSTile(2474, 3400, 0); private final RSTile BANK_CLIMBUP_TILE = new RSTile(2445, 3413, 0);But you can also do this (looks better and is mandatory for scripter I believe): private final RSTile FLAX_TILE = new RSTile(2470, 3404, 0), BANK_STAND_TILE = new RSTile(2445, 3424, 1), BANK_CLIMBDOWN_TILE = new RSTile(2445, 3416, 1), SPIN_CLIMBUP_TILE = new RSTile(2474, 3400, 0), BANK_CLIMBUP_TILE = new RSTile(2445, 3413, 0);The same goes for ints etc. Your booleans can be written more efficient. Instead of: private boolean haveAmountInterface() { if (Screen.getColorAt(new Point(222, 403)).equals(new Color(0, 0, 0))) { return true; } return false; }Do: private boolean haveAmountInterface() { return Screen.getColorAt(new Point(222, 403)).equals(new Color(0, 0, 0)); }Will return false if the color doesn't match. Also your if statements could use a little work. Instead of: public void myWalk(RSTile a) { if (Game.getDestination() != null) { if (Game.getDestination().distanceTo(a) > 3) { WebWalking.walkTo(a); } else { sleep(200 + ran.nextInt(100)); } } else { WebWalking.walkTo(a); } }Do: public void myWalk(RSTile a) { if (Game.getDestination() != null) { if (Game.getDestination().distanceTo(a) > 3) { WebWalking.walkTo(a); } sleep(200 + ran.nextInt(100)); } WebWalking.walkTo(a); }And for a future script, try to work in different classes. So 1 class for spinning, the other for walking etc.
  4. Great to see you got it so fast and are already changing it. Keep it going!
  5. Yes, so you don't have to update them manually ever update. Edit: Another tip. Try to avoid static sleeps. Instead use conditional sleeps. And yes this is also a static sleep: sleep(200 + random shizzle).
  6. So today I saw the "preview" of the Motherlode Mine and thought, this will be my next script when it comes out! So just to make sure, I want to ask your opinion. Would you like to have a script that bots this? Information: - Might be free, Might be premium - XP/hour, no freaking clue ... Anyway, also I would to ask if some of you guys have an account I could borrow to script when it comes out since I don't have any account with mining on a decent level. Edit: If the script becomes premium (depending on the xp/hour etc.) the one who lended me the account will get a free instant. Edit 2: Got the account covered. Greetz
  7. Maybe post in the thread and ask if he can add those?!
  8. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/23742-new-goldfarming-method-no-requirements-free-coca-colas-chestlooter-rogues-castle-lots-of-blood-death-and-nature-runes/ omg freaking magic!
  9. Supply me with an account and I'll give it a shot
  10. Supply me with an account and I might give it a shot. I don't have any accounts capable of doing this atm. Also a link to a guide would be swell
  11. I don't care about making bank, just want to script something that hasn't been done before.
  12. Just post on the threads of the spinner scripts that aren't working according to you. But I could make you a meat spinner if you wanted to.
  13. Ok great! Didn't know that I'll look into it today. Also I'll update the keldagrim miner. Got like 95% of the upgrading process done
  14. Hi guys, So after the last time that I said I would be back, it turned out I didn't really have a lot of time though. It took some time to settle in this town, get to know people etc. So before I say I'm back to scripting this time. - Is it still worth it? Is there still enough to be scripted, or is everything covered? - If you feel like something still needs to be covered drop a comment below. Greetz
  15. Hmm I will take a look at it, but it should run fine though. Could you tell me the position where it stops?
  16. You are taking all the use out of scripters.. Haha seems like a nice project though.
  17. Ok where are you trying to start it? Try starting it in the varrock west bank or at least between the river and varrock west bank. I wouldn't recommend using it just yet, because sometimes it gets stuck in the looting loop (because Backpack.isFull()) doesn't return true. I will update probably next week since I'm really busy with school at the moment
  18. There are only a few spots where you could Only the world hopping will take ages
  19. I don't know who you are, but I will find you. And I will kill you.
  20. Really when I read some of the posts those kids make, it's just amazing It's just amazing how some people "admit" to botting and whine about it or that they have the perfect solution to stop bots XD Funny as shit: Recently I have had 3 accounts banned for Goldfarming... and they were permanently banned... No warnings, all the accounts have been clean accounts for years... I assume it was because i had all 3 online, but none of them were goldfarming(im not even sure whats classified)... They were also in seperate worlds... I have sent 3 seperate long appeals, and even messaged Jagex in the message centre with a long drawn out message asking for info and a reply in the discussion about the ignorance that a bunch of players have recieved... none of which have been seen or replied to... and its been over a week now... I have had more than one friend that have appeals and other things that have been ignored by Jagex... I am very confused on what to do... My bank is gone... my hard work is gone...Can anyone help? I was told to create a forum with this subject by a fellow player, since i was ignored on my appeals and message sent to Jagex. Who would play legit on 3 accounts at once?
  21. I think he's a nice and active member of the community. He is also pushing out a lot of scripts. Also he really wants to learn how to be a better scripter and is driven. I think your code looks pretty good. Although sometimes you still use a static sleep. For example: https://github.com/dcthugs93/RS3FlaxPicker/blob/master/Methods.java I'm talking about this part: if(Banking.isBankScreenOpen()){ Banking.depositBackpack(); General.sleep(2000, 3000); Banking.close(); }I know the RS3 API has some backpack issues at the moment, but since you want to deposit flax, check if you have flax in your backpack instead of the backpack being empty. This does work right now. Anyway, yes from me.
  22. I hope this will get some attention, when it's completely finished
  23. Attention: at this stage of development please babysit. This is my second script for RS3. I find that RS3 scripting is fun to do and also it brings new script ideas. The script is currently in a beta stage and that's because I don't have a lot of time. Features: - Looting (need to add more items); - Banking (in varrock west bank); - Eating (at the moment only lobsters are supported); - Fights Hill Giants in the edgevill dungeon; - Walking; - Teleporting (uses Varrock Tabs). Future Features: - Add more looting options; - Add bone burying options; - Add a GUI; - Add a bigger food support; - Add banking option in the GUI; - Add Ability support (at first melee only, then I'll add ranged and magic support). How to use: - Have a decent combat level at the moment (at least 40+ in every melee level, since It doesn't support abilities yet); - Have auto retaliate on; - Have lobsters in the bank (there is a bug in withdrawing, so make sure you have manually withdrawn 20 lobsters); - Have a brass key in the bank and inventory; - Have varrock teleport tabs in your bank; - Start the script near the giants or in the bank. Repository link: - Link: https://tribot.org/repository/index.php?search=ok_hill&sort=default&category=all&price=any Please leave feedback and/or proggies. They are highly appreciated. ~Okokokok
  24. I've changed the script a bit and uploaded it to the repo. It should be accepted in just a few min. I'll edit the post when it is. Edit: New version is up
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