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  1. Society nowadays is concerned with how they represent themselves to others way too much. Thus leading to this kind of bullshit. I tend to not care about what others think of me, either you like me or you don't. So if I want to show up in some straight pride shirt, I would. Why would you care what other people, you don't know, think of you? But socially seen, this are just the "mainstream guidelines" and if you think otherwise you're weird. Society is pretty fucked up these days though.
  2. Probably, but who cares. Don't get paranoid
  3. So you are saying that if it doesn't help taking immediate action instead of waiting a pointless 2 seconds everytime you've finished mining and yes it does look less retarded..
  4. It doesn't make a difference in the way it works, but it looks so much sexier in my eyes
  5. Great work man! Another few tips: You specify each variable seperately like this: private final RSTile FLAX_TILE = new RSTile(2470, 3404, 0); private final RSTile BANK_STAND_TILE = new RSTile(2445, 3424, 1); private final RSTile BANK_CLIMBDOWN_TILE = new RSTile(2445, 3416, 1); private final RSTile SPIN_CLIMBUP_TILE = new RSTile(2474, 3400, 0); private final RSTile BANK_CLIMBUP_TILE = new RSTile(2445, 3413, 0);But you can also do this (looks better and is mandatory for scripter I believe): private final RSTile FLAX_TILE = new RSTile(2470, 3404, 0), BANK_STAND_TILE = new RSTile(2445, 3424, 1), BANK_CLIMBDOWN_TILE = new RSTile(2445, 3416, 1), SPIN_CLIMBUP_TILE = new RSTile(2474, 3400, 0), BANK_CLIMBUP_TILE = new RSTile(2445, 3413, 0);The same goes for ints etc. Your booleans can be written more efficient. Instead of: private boolean haveAmountInterface() { if (Screen.getColorAt(new Point(222, 403)).equals(new Color(0, 0, 0))) { return true; } return false; }Do: private boolean haveAmountInterface() { return Screen.getColorAt(new Point(222, 403)).equals(new Color(0, 0, 0)); }Will return false if the color doesn't match. Also your if statements could use a little work. Instead of: public void myWalk(RSTile a) { if (Game.getDestination() != null) { if (Game.getDestination().distanceTo(a) > 3) { WebWalking.walkTo(a); } else { sleep(200 + ran.nextInt(100)); } } else { WebWalking.walkTo(a); } }Do: public void myWalk(RSTile a) { if (Game.getDestination() != null) { if (Game.getDestination().distanceTo(a) > 3) { WebWalking.walkTo(a); } sleep(200 + ran.nextInt(100)); } WebWalking.walkTo(a); }And for a future script, try to work in different classes. So 1 class for spinning, the other for walking etc.
  6. Great to see you got it so fast and are already changing it. Keep it going!
  7. Yes, so you don't have to update them manually ever update. Edit: Another tip. Try to avoid static sleeps. Instead use conditional sleeps. And yes this is also a static sleep: sleep(200 + random shizzle).
  8. Oh you...
  9. So today I saw the "preview" of the Motherlode Mine and thought, this will be my next script when it comes out! So just to make sure, I want to ask your opinion. Would you like to have a script that bots this? Information: - Might be free, Might be premium - XP/hour, no freaking clue ... Anyway, also I would to ask if some of you guys have an account I could borrow to script when it comes out since I don't have any account with mining on a decent level. Edit: If the script becomes premium (depending on the xp/hour etc.) the one who lended me the account will get a free instant. Edit 2: Got the account covered. Greetz
  10. Ghouls
  11. It depends on what is distracting you. If it's real life stuff and you absolutely don't have time for scripting, then don't. Nothing is more important than that. If you just randomly lose interest, then it's not something for you or you should try to play RS legit and realise how much easier and more fun it is just to script stuff
  12. Maybe post in the thread and ask if he can add those?!
  13. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/23742-new-goldfarming-method-no-requirements-free-coca-colas-chestlooter-rogues-castle-lots-of-blood-death-and-nature-runes/ omg freaking magic!
  14. Supply me with an account and I'll give it a shot
  15. Supply me with an account and I might give it a shot. I don't have any accounts capable of doing this atm. Also a link to a guide would be swell