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  1. I check back everyday. Excited to see it back to full potential
  2. sorry meant cave bugs. Still had issues withdrawing the items. It got out runes to tele, games neck, candle lantern, and lobsters, im not sure what else it was trying to get, but would exit out of bank, deposit everything and then repeat. Manually went and completed task and then got desert lizards. After using ring of dueling it got stuck walking to al karid and kept checking of ring of dueling. I think it was gone due to using a 1 charge. Walked to desert lizards and the script began working, but it doesn't detect when its in combat. Kept trying to attack small lizard when big lizard agro'd me. Is there a way for it to prioritize the higher combat level creatures? More slayer exp. Babysat the bot and made it run away when big lizards agro'd, went back to turael and got cave bugs again.... -.- back to bank looping. Lemme know if theres anything else you need
  3. flesh crawler task doesn't appear to work. Still a banking issue. Continuously withdraws 10 lobsters, varrock tab, and games neckelace. Then withdraws 10 cammy tabs. Exits bank and then deposits everything and repeats. Needs to withdraw a lumbridge tab instead I think.
  4. "/ stops almost immediately. [01:01:04] Script Started: Encoded Leather Crafter.[01:01:25] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: scripts/tools/wrappers/Backpack[01:01:25] at scripts.Crafter.craft(Crafter.java:147)[01:01:25] at scripts.Crafter.run(Crafter.java:96)[01:01:25] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:724)[01:01:25] Script Ended: Encoded Leather Crafter. Not sure if this is me or the script "/ Green dragon leather bodys
  5. Lol If someone can get it rollin I'm sure its you. Let us know if you need accounts to test on to help the process
  6. banking api has been fixed. Still can not withdraw any of required items. Right clicks and moves the mouse up and clicks instead of moving down.
  7. script can no longer be downloaded by macs. Previous versions were fine.
  8. 1 Defence 80 Range (Getting 85 over the next couple days) 52 Prayer ~73 Hp Pm me price please and also if paypal or rsgp / negotiable. Thanks!
  9. On cave crawlers. Have all required items except ectophial. Bot teles to varrock. Checks slayer gem and then scrolls to the middle of my bank and continuously right clicks, moves the mouse up, and then repeats over and over. A few times its withdrawn 3 iron ore and addy pickaxe. Another time I got my hopes up when it brought out an anti pot. Thats as far as it makes it though.
  10. You tried 100 methods to scam? Maybe you mean 100 times, but even then I doubt you put that much effort into something. None of you bother to read. This script is in beta. The owner wants us to give it a go on our own time, trying thousands of different variables that maybe he didn't take into account, then to report back with any problems, issues, or ways to improve the script. Most of you are leechers who wouldn't even have bothered to post until something went wrong and when you did post it was just "omgzz i got scamed man. Fix it. so broken. Ive had better merchant scripts. I can't risk using this" No description of the problem. If you're going to leech on a beta script and then afk it, accept the risk. Accept the punishment. You're lucky USA's patient with you 12 year olds. If it was me, I'd have the script run normally for 20 minutes and then have it go drop your bank for all the kids that don't watch the script and come here just to complain. And no. I aint even mad. Edit: Before anyone gets butthurt, this wasn't aimed at anyone in particular. Just a collective opinion of most posts over the last three pages.
  11. Everyone being scammed has one thing in common. Theyre selling high volume items in an area where its extremely evident you're botting. Most have been nature rune sellers. If its obvious you're trading with a script, then why not try and get one over on it? This is essentially the same with dragon bone sellers and dragonhide sellers. Im not saying don't bot where its evident you're botting (dragon slaying, hunting, nat selling, sudoku)... although this would make your life extremely easier and lower your ban chances significantly... I'm just saying maybe babysit the bot when you have millions at stake and what your doing has been a priority target of the ban hammer. (Theres a reason why most nat sellers are level 3-10)
  12. Not that Im complaining, but here some more problems I have with the script: -Decided to buy crystal keys/half of a key, but I couldn't select different prices for the loop/tooth so I ended up paying more for loops and too little for teeth. End result: 12 more loops than halfs after a couple hours. Changed my advertisement to only buying tooth half of keys, but still had a good amount of people trading me loop halves and now I was buying for even more. Possible solution: Add an optional item id selection for multiple type items/hard to spell items/ect -While buying crystal keys I ran into the problem of people trading me a lot of dragonstones even though I was clearly only buying keys. The problem here is that each trade has a minimum of staying up for 30 seconds and I feel as though this is pretty evident that its a bot since I'm not saying anything. Possible Solution: Allow for trade timer to be lower (15-20 seconds) or have an option to immediately cancel the trade if unknown items are put up. -Though I'm sure this would vastly increase the difficulty of scripting, I'd like for one more option for selling. I understand the problems this runs into due to the fact if you were selling one item for 2k and another item for 5k and someone put up 10k, the bot wouldn't know which item to put up. Additionally if someone wanted multiples of both items I believe the bot would be confused. Sometimes I like selling potions while buying potion supplies so being able to sell energy potions and prayer potions would be awesome. Possible solution: Have the bot put up the items and after 3-5 seconds if the other player didn't accept, remove the items and put up the other item. Yeah this sounded a lot easier in my head, but hey... you gotta have goals moving forward. -My scenario: I added something I wanted to buy and then realized I had mistyped the advertisement. I highlighted the buy option on the right side and deleted it and then retyped my advertisement and added it again. Before starting the script the right side refreshed and I saw I had two of the same item being bought Possible solution: Add an option for removing or edit buy selections after adding them. Will continue testing. I've tried recreating these scamming scenarios... I've watched on both screens and timed it exactly so that it would accept milliseconds after I accepted. I can nearly always make it to the second screen, but it pauses on the second screen and then declines. Im not sure how the earlier posters are getting scammed. If they are, I believe its due to multiple adding of the same item to buy as an earlier poster and I have suggested.
  13. To those wondering You can't have the script ONLY buy. You must enter in some stuff in the selling section as well. For the advertisement I just repeated the advertisement for what I was buying below (Dragonhides all colors) and brought out 100 black knifes and said I was selling them for 1k each. Bot runs flawlessly, however, too much running around. Accidentally clicks when searching for people in high populated areas and when people trade. This becomes problematic because I buy on the edge of the bank so he wants to run inside or a couple tiles away sometimes. Perhaps add a failsafe to return to original tile that the bot began on post trade?
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