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  1. Lately I've had a lot of trouble running the script on Deadman Mode. It seems to just randomly start trying to log out. Ignore low HP is ticked as well. Because it tries to log out and the 10 second timer prevents it from happening right away, it'll spam click log out until it does't gain XP for 5 minutes and terminate due to it thinking it's stuck.
  2. Here's a proggy. Would have ran much longer but script stopped due to system update at around 91 hours.
  3. Fair enough, best agility script on the market I'd say anyway. Still going strong without a ban. Fingers crossed Edit: Here's a proggy for anyone wondering if this is worth it. Keep in mind these XP rates are with excessive breaking and the script is capable of achieving way higher rates:
  4. @Aropupu Great script, I was wondering if you could add summer pie/agility potion support so we can train at (for example) Rellekka course at 75 agility?
  5. Wait, is this @Sigma 's birthday sale? If so I definitely wanna snag a lifetime for $1
  6. Happy birthday. I literally just bought Sigma magic 3 hours ago for $6 and bought Sigma cooker yesterday. RIP Have a good one nonetheless man, it was well worth what I spent.
  7. Lmfao I didn't even notice, good thing I posted it on another Sigma thread at least and not someone elses
  8. You know it man
  9. I got it from @Montreal I'd definitely recommend it. Got it pretty fast and they are more than willing to help solve problems https://tribot.org/forums/topic/58617-moderator-bot-ready-vps-plans-low-prices-unique-ips-bot-247/
  10. Haha, I've stopped botting during jagex hours on accounts I care about. This cooking bot is a throwaway. Mainly testing the new ABCv2 stuff out. Running a few accounts, some with ABCv2 scripts, some without. Just a ban rate test
  11. This post is more of a joke anyway. Who knows, maybe they were doing some manual bans though
  12. This script is on steroids. I fucking love it. The XP/HR in my proggy may be a little off due to me breaking very often. Let me also mention this is my first time using an ABCv2 10 script, and it's showing a huge difference in ban rates. 1-90 cooking on a fresh level 3 botted non-stop (only breaking very often, because otherwise I'm just asking to be banned) if you want 99 cooking, this is the script for you.
  13. Hey @Mute There is currently a problem with the bot trying to reset aggression. Sometimes it won't run far enough and it will keep trying over and over. Formal report: What is your issue?: Bot is trying to reset aggression over and over sometimes, it won't run far enough. What happened exactly?: Runs away from crabs, until it thinks it's reset the aggression, and runs back, repeats. What was the status on the paint?: Renewing crabs What location were you in?: West waterbirth Bot debug?: Client debug?: