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  1. Not teleing while full inventory. Stuck at bank screen. Doesnt find items in bank. Just to name a few problems i have found, used this script before and it used to be good.
  2. Two times i have seen it, the bot right clicks some close by random tile inside the game. (using different scripts from different authors). Bot detection theory: Couldn't Jagex put "invisible" items/npc's into the game to lure the bot? I.E Imagine a "invisible" random NPC that the client expects to just right click and dismiss, A bot would see it but a human wouldn't. An invisible nest that the WC bot will try to pickup or what ever.
  3. Great script, like it alot BUT... I used the "wc until level: x" feature, didnt work out all that well... im getting banned haha.
  4. Hmm, Successfully creates account, but when it is suposed to finish the tut island it just stands still. someone else experiance this? edit: Paused the script, clicked the first guy in tut island and the resumed. Seems to finish tut island now.
  5. This was torture for my hands after work Xmouse_data-60963-1437778933916.dat
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