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  1. Whenever I try to do enchanting, it does 1 inv then runs away from bank, no idea where its headed, but i dont know if im setting it up wrong, or what. I made it so it banks when out of cosmics, and withdraws 26 of each item Actually runs me to edgeville for some reason, its working now though!
  2. Wowzoor

    local script error

    No I've tried multiple scripts, some others have written to see if I was just writting something wrong but it has the same issue for everyone script
  3. Wowzoor

    local script error

    Yes I have
  4. Wowzoor

    local script error

    I'm trying to learn OOP or java for my Computer Science A test in May and figured scripting could be some good hands on experience. I'm currently having issues though loading my local script and I'm receiving this error. https://gyazo.com/0f34dd7e4839cd8200d49082947ec445 Any help would be appreciated. If you prefer to help over skype you can add me: Wowzoor Thank you
  5. cursing isn't working on the monk of zamorak in varrock. it will do one cycle of curse/alch than just stop edit: it doesn't work unless you're stand a distance from the monk but it does work. just weird
  6. Well I tried what you said, didnt work for a while. It started working like 20 mins ago, or so then stopped again and started working randomly again. I also bought VIP after it was working again though
  7. Tried all that, waited about an hour and still not working. When I first downloaded Tribot on my second computer it hasnt work at all
  8. I just bought another script, and have a few other paid scripts and I've not been able to bot for the past 2 days. It keeps saying the same thing. "Please close your other instances of tribot to use this one" and I have no bots running I checked the instance manager and nothing is there. If anyone knows how to fix this would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Wowzoor


    this is a public website... there is no infiltration required and i'm sure there are some jmods lurking the back allies around here
  10. How well will this work with chinning? When I manually chin I'll have to move around sometimes to get the skeletons in proper order, is the script able to do that? I assume not but I'm just checking. I think I'm going to be buying the lifetime version of this pretty soon
  11. Have u ever considered adding a permanent auth? I'm not sure if this a feature in it so I'm sorry if it is, but could you add the ability to turn on str + attack prayers for specials only? Also added a specialized sgs support? The special itself regens hp and pray, prayer being the most important factor. So it would focus on using the special at low prayer. If anyone else is considering using an sgs as a spec weapon, do it! It hasn't lowered my xp rates much if any and it really lowers the supplies used!
  12. No I did mean botting at first but I understand it would take some time to develop and increase ban rates. I just figured that could be a good alternative. and awesome! I'm excited, I might be purchasing the script with the sale sometime! When does it end?