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  1. Wowzoor

    club penguin

    so anyone
  2. Wowzoor

    club penguin

    my fiance started playing again. She had to start a new account and i want to get her a better 1 lol.
  3. Wowzoor

    club penguin

    ok so my girl started playing club penguin a few days ago and would like to get her an account. if you have a good 1, post below. (No idea how good/bad accs are based on there, just post below)
  4. Huge vouch for WhyGrind gold selling site. Jason is by far the best agent I've dealt with out all the sites I've been on. I definitely recommend them, he's a very nice guy this is my site I will be using from now on! Thanks again!
  5. will keep you in mind anyone else willing to do this?
  6. Title pretty much says it all. Looking for someone to do fight caves on my pure. Stats: 72 range (probably 73 by the time you do it) 43 prayer 25 def Gear: arma mitre arma robe top arma cloak black d'hide chaps/vambs holy sandals can do w.e ammy/ring Post your skypes below, really only want someone really trusted. Thanks!
  7. Ok thank you, I will make sure to do such.
  8. Still have in stock 230m+ plus over 300m in items... looking for buyers who wants to take my stock! Comment here and then add me on skype: Wowzoor
  9. Whenever I try to do enchanting, it does 1 inv then runs away from bank, no idea where its headed, but i dont know if im setting it up wrong, or what. I made it so it banks when out of cosmics, and withdraws 26 of each item Actually runs me to edgeville for some reason, its working now though!
  10. No I've tried multiple scripts, some others have written to see if I was just writting something wrong but it has the same issue for everyone script
  11. I'm trying to learn OOP or java for my Computer Science A test in May and figured scripting could be some good hands on experience. I'm currently having issues though loading my local script and I'm receiving this error. https://gyazo.com/0f34dd7e4839cd8200d49082947ec445 Any help would be appreciated. If you prefer to help over skype you can add me: Wowzoor Thank you
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