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  1. Make sure its not on the same IP as your main and you arent trading between the the bots and the unbotted account
  2. Did u suicide bot just for the hell of it or was your intention to make money and sell the gold, if so did u manage to sell any gold?
  3. Virtual Buddy Montreals proxies are also good. Virmach is meh, After ordering 8 proxies, i had 1 that didnt work, took me two tickets for them to send me a new one and then a week later they changed my proxies without saying anything , a few days later my proxies stop working and after sending them a ticket, they reply telling me that they do indeed work. I have also heard that virmach re-uses proxies.
  4. Netami, u da man
  5. scratch that , i have a limit lol
  6. this is all i see o.o
  7. Ill end up like this
  8. You've won twice, third time will not be a charm Good luck tho, im too scared to bet ^.^ . Gambling is not something im good at lol
  9. This ones better Yours is still 10/10 tho
  10. Who are you betting will win? Either im blind or you didnt write who you are betting will win
  11. The most important thing if you want an account to last is bot very few hours , take breaks, use a private script if you can, and train different skills. I feel like training different skills really helps keep your ban rate super low. Im pretty sure Jagex bot detection system tracks how old the account is, how much xp u gained and in how long, how many times have u talked to x npc.... All of these things will impact how fast you get banned.
  12. The thing is, if its just 2 accounts then yeah try it out. If you plan on gold farming in the future, id suggest just using the client by itself with proxies of course.
  13. I'd suggest with using 2 accounts per proxy if the method is very simple to achieve. For instance, if you're botting using the exshopper, a method a level 3 can do, use 2 accounts per proxy. If doing something like red chins or any sort of combat, using 1 proxy per account is your best bet. Keep in mind each proxy is about $2-$4 depending who you buy from, so if the account gets banned before you can make that money back, $3 average plus bond which is about another $2.80, you should reuse the proxy at least 2 or 3 times.