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  1. 309jmk

    Ban Help pls

    Wait a few days get skills up combat to, lvl 3 isnt never good to leave a bot at. also dont make it the same every char, make it look diffrent hair, clothes everything ^.^ helps tons
  2. Dont bot so many account's. Also use a vps to create the account, or vpn. dont bot it right off the bat, make it wait 2-5 days. Also while ur waiting get the combat up legit
  3. 309jmk

    Selling 1 bond 1.2m

    Talking to him on skype right now,
  4. Hello I am selling 1 bond 1.2M 07 GP If you have 40+fb i will go first if not look at my fb iv done bigger trades then this, thanks for your time i will have more bonds later on! Have a good day! Post on forums and then add my skype. [member=http://hatscripts.com/addskype/?itz.jordon]
  5. 4 post lol 0 feedback GL <3
  6. Hey i would like to a buy a bond 1.3m Chatting with u on skype now
  7. 309jmk

    [Currently Sold out]

    Going to buy 1 bond.
  8. 309jmk

    [Currently Sold out]

    Buying 3 bonds 1.3mea 3.9m all together
  9. 309jmk

    No respect for USA

    Dont worry he did the same thing to me he just up there were we when he wants to give u a ban hammer ur geting a ban hammer lmao tribot staff wont help but w.e man, i asked for a refund and got 8 points. rofl
  10. I just sold him 20m i went first. i got 47. 2.35 per mill thank you again. for you service,
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