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  1. Got 1-99 fishing in under 2 weeks on a fresh account botted more or less 24 hours a day
  2. Grats on 91 runecrafting!!! Some screenshots would be lovely
  3. Yep i have the same problem :L
  4. LOVE this script purchased just 2 days ago and got me from levels 35-71. Thanks<3
  5. Extremely dissapointed with the script i'm achieving minimal exp per hour and it can't seem to run for over 30 mins it loses the traps and logs out.
  6. It's getting difficult 7th account on old school ive tried to main banned:/ luckily this one was just a 2 day ban
  7. 1 day ban today :c wow a lot of bans today i see o_o i was botting rock crabs
  8. Gl man support this shit keep us updated!
  9. Sadly I just got banned permanwnrlty using the his script. Its the first offence I had and its perm I got from 1-77 hunter in jus under two days, this script is a pretty much flawless for hunting chins just annoyed I got perma banned on my first offence
  10. Type of service requested: Jad How many accounts (Repeat the following 4 questions for EVERY account you wish serviced): 1 What can be changed (Anything NOT listed can be punishable if altered, examples are stats, xp, bank): Nothing User(s) that will have access to the account: 1, ibot4fun MAX amount of time that user(s) will have access to the account: Time it takes to kill Jad ~4 hours Picture of account stats and high wealth before service for your insurance: N/A Do you understand that you may NOT edit this post, you must re-post this form for any changes: Yes I added you on skype as well
  11. Go on repository on the top, make sure your logged in your account, go on the category and click magic it should come up with BrHeatedAlchemyPro (this script) and click Add. Then run the bot and click start script it should be under magic
  12. Wow. Another amazing script props to you Brad, just got 55-70 magic last night superheating Steel bars and i also got 44-56 smithing. Gonna go for 94[99] magic with this baby! Hopefully i can get you some proggies along the journey Thanks again Best scripter!
  13. cooking at nardah mate and diddnt have my account logged in but yesterday it worked for 4hours no problem. I left it running overnight and it only ran for 1 hour, started it today again and it stopped working . ill login with my account now and see if the problem persists
  14. The bot randomly logs out and says Login bot started Login bot failed after 30 mins :'( no idea why
  15. Ahh excellent took your advice and im cooking at Nardah, so far so good im cooking around 1200 per hour very decent. Ill try and get you a decent proggy