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  1. the other day I was botting and my scripts kept stopping, saying "max instances" and they were unlimited instance scripts. it would not stop no matter what I did until I changed my password. Has no happened again since. I am guessing I was victim to the same problem
  2. I had this problem. Make sure you change the location tab to motherload mine. If it is set to another location, it will constantly click trying to webwalk to that area
  3. @Aropupu I am interested in buying premium. just one question, I see that you have afk antiban as a setting available. does this mean that you do not use ABC2 reaction times?
  4. @iant06 a few people commented asking for a feature to check the cc for the proper world to hop to, is there any chance this would get implemented? this would be a huge boost in my oppinion
  5. hey @Druid, i noticed the global stats haven't changed. started using the script again and my total rank has not changed, but I am sure i should have blown past second place by now. just curious, are they still being tracked?
  6. Also I just want to be clear, I was in no way insinuating the script writer took anything himself. I was trying to figure out if anyone experience a similar problem. Currently posting this off my phone, as I'm doing an avast boot time scan on my computer.
  7. ill do that now. i dont think that is the problem though. i feel as though my other accounts would have also been hurt
  8. hey, i dont know what happened and cant explain it. started the script making iron bars with ring of forging. came back, all the ore is gone, the bars are gone, and the rings of forging is gone. what did i do wrong to make the script drop those items?
  9. I know that before we had all this human like antiban and ABC2 we were advised to avoid jagex hours of operation. is this still the case or have people seen a reduction in bans even during jagexs office hours?
  10. hey! great script but for some reason, after tribot initiates a break. the script will end up making iron bars instead of steel. this ends up screwing with the script a bit because the dispenser is now always highlighted as complete. the script will then proceed to click on the bar dispenser to collect bars but since there are no completed steel bars, it just keeps clicking collect under the steel bars. I caught it doing this the entire time until the steel bars had finally finished and it has happened on several different instances
  11. Here it is post-280722-0-02172600-1446453043.ipb post-280722-0-02534000-1446452813.ipb post-280722-0-03792700-1446452838.ipb post-280722-0-04480700-1446452848.ipb post-280722-0-25577100-1446453141.ipb post-280722-0-25636700-1446452821.ipb post-280722-0-25953200-1446452884.ipb post-280722-0-28408100-1446453064.ipb post-280722-0-29075200-1446453033.ipb post-280722-0-35112300-1446452872.ipb post-280722-0-40721000-1446452902.ipb post-280722-0-43352200-1446453096.ipb post-280722-0-44160200-1446452860.ipb post-280722-0-55254700-1446452893.ipb post-280722-0-58033000-1446453049.ipb post-280722-0-61571300-1446453087.ipb post-280722-0-84603100-1446453113.ipb post-280722-0-92304000-1446452800.ipb post-280722-0-96060200-1446453074.ipb post-280722-0-97021900-1446453021.ipb
  12. so... what if i wanted this to access tournament worlds? is there no way to do this since the worlds themselves are blacklisted?
  13. Okay, thank you for clarifying this. I have read that thread but I could not figure out if ABCL10 was updated to mean incorporation of ABC2
  14. I am a bit confused here. are they two different things? OR if a script has ABCL10 incorporated, does that mean that it also has ABC2? someone please clarify, I have been trying to find the answer but cannot.
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