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  1. Thanks for this 2 year old video very relevant
  2. Lol you are insanely misinformed, wildy bosses are some of the best solo gp/hr bossing.
  3. Objectively untrue
  4. Because its been detected before, if it happens again its a guaranteed ban.
  5. Did you use any other scripts? Aropupu's agility has been flawless for me.
  6. Because its written by incompetent nobodies
  7. Germs

    [Spoiler] UK Future

    Have you ever heard of the UN? I wish you had heard of haircuts and personal hygiene.
  8. Looking forward to using this again once ABCL2 is implemented, do you have an ETA?
  9. Did you add advertising when loading the client? I've never seen it before
  10. Germs

    Oh you Assume

    Makes sense, that previous thread was an abomination
  11. Germs

    Oh you Assume

    Why even make this, what interest does he have in attention from brain dead redditors
  12. Germs

    Booo This Man

    Anyone who uses a real life picture on a botting forum should be executed immediately.
  13. Hi, I have unlimted lifetime auths and would like to try V2, thanks.
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