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  1. cash deposits probably the way to go if youw ant to verify. probably cost you more tho
  2. Hey, very interested in purchasing something. Wanted to know if the other other vps's(the ones below $15-linux) will also come presetup with the bots and everything? thanks
  3. as the guy above me commented, if you were to use proxies, you should have done them before even creating the accounts, that is to say, created them on the proxy and continued everything on that proxy. Now, its probably not a good idea because a sudden ip change might make things suspicious. With that said, even if you do, i dont think you are in any sort of risk unless the ip itself is flagged or something of that sort. best option for you is to stick to what youre doing and bot safe
  4. the details on the page seem to be quite distant from what it is that I want, but since its being re-written, i assume they are sort of outdated. if you could brief me whether what i want will be on the rewrite and how long it will be, very appreciated thanks
  5. Hey guys, I've tried looking but either it does not exist or i havent looked hard enough, feel free to redirect me if something like this exists. I suppose its a mule but I'm not sure about the terminology, it should be fairly simple but then again I've got no clue about scripting so you guys probably know better. Heres what I'm looking for. with the main account standing in a single spot, this script will bring items from the bank to the main, to and fro. take items out of bank, bring to main, trade, repeat. and some sort of a thing where i can send a pm to the mule and that will serve as a command that dictates what to bring and when. teleportation support and entering/exiting places that require further text entry. Please pm to discuss. thanks
  6. Hey, sorry for the hijack. just saw your message and you deleted it aswell. im away right now and forgot to update my thread.
  7. Verison Number (DO NOT TYPE LATEST): 3.193 Script issue: Settings picture: Are you using the ingame world switcher?: yes Are you using Looking glass (if you don't know what this is, say no)?: no Script status when issue is occuring?: Script stack trace? (View -> Print script stack trace, please do it atleast 5 times and only when it's occuring. Paste it in http://pastebin.com): Client debug (Paste it in http://pastebin.com): Bot debug (Paste it in http://pastebin.com): Additional information (Please provide additional information, the more information you provide the easier I can help you with your issue): I apologize for not using the above format, I couldn't figure out what to put in because I am pretty sure what i have is not an issue. Just how the script is I suppose. The first one is not really something that bothers me much but it when it is on the unintended world, it doesn't bother checking the shop and just hops back to intended world regardless of the stock in shop 1) Bought the items from the shop 2) Tries to hop in-game extremely fast 3) Hits another world instead of its intended world cause of the speed (known from client debug text) 4) Hops to the intended world again and continues as normal. This one is the main problem Even though in-game hopping is on, it will logout and change the worlds quite frequently and then tries to login. I do not know if this is built in as an anti ban or something but the problem here is that it does this too often. And as a result, the rs login screen says too many login attempts and blocks logging in. and this script continues to try and log in. thus pretty much stopping the botting entirely. and i imagine this would appear quite suspicious to jagex as well. I believe this happens because as i mentioned above, the super fast clicking leads to the bot clicking on a non member world and as the location i am in is members only, it logs the charcter out. so a simple fix would be to just slow down the speed at which the mouse moves so it can accurately change worlds. Again, I apologize for not using the form, Please let me know if I could have used it for the above and i will do so if i need to next time. Thanks P.S : Is there an option to slow down the script itself? or at least slow it down while its hopping? thanks again
  8. yo, check your pm

  9. Hello everybody! My name is lolnoobpker! Are you on the brink of giving up botting? i know i WAS Are you sick of completing tutorial island? i know i WAS Are you tired of having your bots banned? i know i WAS BUT do you want to STOP making money? Of course you do NOT! Fear not, for the solution to your high ban rates is here! lolnoobpker is here to the rescue With an advanced, excellent and highly top notch system of good old human playing, we seek to revolutionize the botting industry! Highly complex and human like reactions? CHECK! Saving money on banned member botting accounts? CHECK! Actually MAKING money and NOT losing it? CHECK! CHECK! CHECK! The solution is here! It's obvious jagex has started cracking down on bots more harder than it ever has and the way you start your bot accounts is a very important determining factor on how likely and how soon you will be banned. Its time to give your bots a human touch. With my services, you will have a reduced chance of being banned sooner as the human progressing of your account will make it more difficult for jagex to flag your account A clear outline of what my service involves -the account will be created by you -give me the username and the password -I complete tutorial island -Then I will level skills (a mix of combat and others) randomly and complete a few random starter quests. (member/non-members is up to you) This will be completely basic, but if you want, we can discuss specific questing/lvling depending on what you want. The computer and internet that i will be doing this on has NEVER been botted on. AND, if you want I can also do it on your PC/VPS through team viewer or any other client so that there will be no change in IP and that makes your account even safer. The time that it will take also varies on what your specific requirements are, I will probably not be taking big orders as the point of this service is not to give you an account with botting skill requirements but give you a basic account that is less likely of getting banned while botting. And what does this amazing service cost? 500k per basic account is all there is to it folks! that's right, for the CHEAP price of 500k, you can actually start MAKING money. So all YOU need to do is spend 500k! and you've made an investment that'll pay off sooner than you can imagine! and it is something that will actually PAY OFF rather than getting you banned and leaving you penniless!¬! My Recommendations: -Make an account at the website with a fake email but one that at least looks real. -Set a display name that does not resemble bot names -And give me the account, WITHOUT logging in. IF you are going to login, please do NOT skip the customization screen and make it something that is NOT the typical bald headed bot. Further Recommendations: -Use a proxy on which you create the account and then allow me to use that proxy to play on it and stick to that proxy for botting. -Cook your bots for at least a week, playing at random times and leveling different skills BEFORE you start botting. -Do all basic quests, get your combat level up to 7-10. Terms of Agreement I do not accept any liability if your account gets banned during or after I have completed your service. (edited) I will refund your payment in FULL if anything happens to the account during the service or if for any other reason I am unable to complete your service. You will NOT attempt to login to the account during the service. There will be no refunds once I have logged in for the first time, you can rescind our deal at any moment before I have logged in for the first time. You will pay UPFRONT unless I deem you trusted, or we can use an mm at your expense. There is now a MAXIMUM of 5 accounts per order (edited) You WILL provide accounts that are FRESH and NOT stolen/copied off some database. There will be no refunds for the accounts that have been logged into and found to have blackmarks of any kind and/or a prior history of being played on. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure of the ABOVE. I reserve the right to change these terms without prior notice within reason. In any case, and for any reason, I am only able to partially complete your order, I will refund any payments for the accounts which have not been worked on. By making a deal with me, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions. Important: Botting is a bannable offence, availing my services will not invalidate that. It will be merely delay the speed at which your account gets flagged and thus you can extract more out of your bot. Combined with this, you need to bot smartly if you want them to last. You can either PM me or reply here.
  10. Bro, if you still need it, Ive got 4 for 4m
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