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  1. iAlchedMyEx

    Auto Fletcher Elite

    Warfront: Could you implement a log out after supplies are out? 10 hour proggie, but it ran out of logs at like 5 or 6 hours I'm assuming. It only had 7.25k to cut, which is why the experience p/h is so low. It just sat idling in the bank for 4-5 hours. .
  2. iAlchedMyEx

    Auto Fletcher Elite

    Yeah... It wasn't him. You probably downloaded a shady program, script, or went to a website. Warfront is legit and makes some of the best scripts out there.
  3. iAlchedMyEx

    Auto Fletcher Elite

    Started fletching in Varrock West bank, Came back 5 hours later and was in catherby bank, da hell. lol.
  4. iAlchedMyEx

    Auto Fletcher Elite

    Be nice to add a little antiban to it. . Flawless script as always! Also, it would be sweet if you could add the support of full bows. to cut them and then string afterwards!
  5. iAlchedMyEx

    TRiBot Bot Control Panel

    Download Teamviewer on your phone and computer. You can control bots from your phone then.
  6. Going to be checking back to this daily for 5.0! Thanks for all the hard work!
  7. iAlchedMyEx

    [Free] Tri anyplace cow killer

    No Link to script. No Proggies. No pictues. What?