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  1. had it 2 days, used it total of roughly 6 hours, just got banned....cheers for the shit script
  2. pretty sure youve been made aware of this bug more than once, do u actually plan on fixing it?
  3. Still gets stuck near crawling hands on the way to tasks in the slayer tower
  4. Yes i always get stuck on the way to gargoyles on the first floor of the slayer tower. Just idles there. Also get stuck going down the ladder to dagganoths all the time
  5. Still cant get it to cancel tasks?!?! It always gets to the cancel task interface and then the mouse just hovers over the cancel task button while i sit there until i stop the script... Any1 else have this problem/know how to fix??
  6. ok thankyou, and also it seems to get stuck when canceling a task with neive? seems to happen everytime but im not sure if i just need to leave it longer? any1 else have this problem?
  7. Hey so in the loot table what should i putas the ammount next to each item name? not sure why thats there
  8. script wont start atm for me? [11:37:00] Starting client.[11:37:32] Downloading script 'Mute's AIOSlayer'.[11:37:39] Script Started: Mute's AIOSlayer. Doesnt actually start though, any advice?
  9. Any reason it keeps using black dhide for dagganoth task? And rune armour for bloodveld task..
  10. What version were you running: latest What is your issue:Getting stuck on dagganoth task (lighthouse) How do you think it happened exactly:If it misclicks the door and opens the center part (where you put the arrow, sword and runes for the quest) it will spam click what it believes to be the actual door. Have come back 3 times to it stuck on that interface trying to open the door Severity rating (1-10): 2, not that sever but possibly will get people banned Percent of Occurrence[1-100%(How often does it happen?)]: 20% of dag tasks
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