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  1. tried running this script and it just stands there trying to remove my kitchen table and not the dining table
  2. yeah i'm also having fps problems atm. getting like 4 fps in the house
  3. i want to try and use this but i want the most effective method and with least chance of getting ban since thiss is my main. what precautions should i take
  4. What kind of methods should i try for Motherlode mining so i wont get banned? i got a new proxy on so its not flagged.
  5. i found out the problem it was just the resizable mode wasnt on but has there been a confirmed bans yet or how long should i bot for? my account has good stats wanna make the risk to the minimum
  6. every time i go kill iron drags it kills one and teles out and runs back kills one teles out again etc.
  7. im seeing like 170k+ xp/h at what lvl and im only getting 100k/h
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