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  1. Welcome to Worthy Scripts |w| Zulrah Slayer Features V2 HIGHLIGHTED FEATURES (this script has been fully rewritten) LG Compatible The script now functions smoothly with TRiBot's beta feature Looking Glass Unlimited multi-kill performance The bot will determine if it has enough supplies to start another Zulrah battle after killing the boss the previous time. It can continue doing this until it runs out of food, allowing a single, double, triple, or quad+ kill. Dynamically prioritized combat framework Zulrah fight very CPU efficient! Travel method support update Zul-Andra teleport scrolls Charter Travel Camelot port [via Camelot teleports] Catherby port [via Catherby port lunar teleport] Khazard port [via Khazard port lunar teleport] Fairy Ring Network Fairy ring via Varrock Teleport Fairy ring via Quest Cape Fairy ring via Ardougne Cloak Fairy ring via Salve Graveyard Teleport Fairy ring via slayer ring Fairy ring via House Teleport (mounted) Ornate pool support If so, the script will use castle wars bank instead Jewelry box support If so, the script will use a custom kill / bank loop (with no Ring of Dueling) Or use another player's house! Ability to input a list of names. Set range and magic sets Swaps gear and prays efficiently Prayer flickering for JAD phases Calculates zulrah drop earnings Deathwalk - SAFE BOSS: never lose your items on death Recharges Trident of the Seas, Trident of the Swamp, Toxic Blowpipe, Serpentine Helm (all forms) Tracks arrow count, charge count, and ammo count for all special weapons Repairs barrows armor Reorganizes inventory! Drags and drops items like a real player Supports serpentine helmets Supports cooked karambwans Supports special attacks Supports ring of suffering Supports stamina potions Supports summer pies for agility boost Supports imbued heart Supports random world hopping Supports new rigour and augury prayers Supports vengeance spell with optimal timing Ability to use rune pouch Requires Earth, Death, and Astral runes Picks up and banks the Zulrah pet Dodges melee phase attacks Sexy loot table. Analyze your drops! Hiscores system (below) Dynamic signatures (below) Automatic screenshot progress report system every hour Detailed session log dump. Keep track of exactly how all your bots do! ABC V2 Level 10 Official Discord Discussion http://discord.gg/yeCVsad External Documentation Thread I have moved a large part of the documentation to an external thread which contains how to: Create an armor preset Decide what gear to wear Set up the GUI to be tailored to your RuneScape character Start the script correctly Other notable information If you are considering purchasing this script, read the documentation thread. Proggies More: http://imgur.com/a/HNaQZ Even more: http://imgur.com/a/lsh82 Requirements - 80 to 85+ range/magic (85+ magic necessary as it is the most important stat). If using LG, have at least 85 of both. - High defence and hp >= 70 for barrows), HP recommend at least 75 - 43+ prayer - Regicide, Underground pass, Biohazard, and Plague City required Live Hiscores System V1 Hiscores (OLD) V2 Hiscores (CURRENT) Dynamic Signatures: Automatically load an image of your current stats, which updates as you bot! http://www.worthy.rs/tribot-php/ZulrahSlayerV2/sigs/USERNAME_HERE.png Just replace USERNAME_HERE with your TRiBot username (make sure it is all lowercase), and copy and paste it the image link itself into your signature here: (should be on the bottom right of your signature edit box). Pricing The Casual Botter - 14.99 CREDITS | 1 auth for 2 weeks - 24.99 CREDITS | 1 auth for 1 month Gold Farmer's Discount - 79.99 CREDITS | 5 auths for 1 month - 134.99 CREDITS | 10 auths for 1 month - 174.99 CREDITS | 15 auths for 1 month - 224.99 CREDITS | 25 auths for 1 month - 299.99 CREDITS | 50 auths for 1 month Note: the number of auths designates the number of RS accounts you can run on this script at a given time. Click below to purchase or for FREE TWO HOUR TRIAL: Regards, Worthy
  2. AIO Constructor By Worthy Features Construct Any Item Planks Bagged plants - FARMING XP! Planks and nails Marble, etc. Multiple Banking Methods Manual banking - Rimmington/Falador, Yanille Ring of Dueling and House Teleports Phials unnoting planks Servants Synchronized Servant Support Cook Butler Demon Butler User Experience This entire script has been rewritten optimized for efficiency and flawlessness Antiban Compliance (ABC) Level 10/10 Quick and easy to use GUI setup Save, Create, and Load presets with ease (documentation below) Sexy mousepaint and paint Dynamic signature system (more info below) Hiscores page Set-up Disable middle wheel mouse zoom and fully zoom out! If using Looking Glass, hook the client to 64-bit OSBuddy! Set up a preset following the documentation below Once created, select the preset item which you would like to make and fill out the rest of the GUI Start with just a hammer and saw in Inventory Only if using Servants have coins in Inventory too. Only if using Phials Unnoting have noted planks in Inventory too Only if using RoD/Tele Banking have house tabs in Inventory too Recommended Items to Build Levels 1 - 19 → Crude Wooden Chairs (need 138 planks and nails) Levels 19 - 33 → Oak Chairs (need 238 oak planks) Levels 33 - 70 → Oak Larders Levels 70 - 99 → Oak Dungeon Doors OR Levels 52 - 99 → Mahogany Tables (fastest if you have $$) Documentation Click to buy or try a free 2 hour trial: Check your hiscore ranking here! Grab your dynamic signature by going to the follow site: http://www.worthy.rs/tribot-php/AIOConstructor/sigs/YOUR_TRIBOT_USERNAME_HERE.png Enjoy! Worthy
  3. |w| Constructor [REWRITTEN 2.0] [ABC2 L10]

    You can adjust the speed by lowering the delay to 0.1, but contrary to your belief, going faster would get you banned, not the other way around. It's meant to simulate AFK playing.
  4. It should equip it eventually though right? Hiscores page show almost 10 hours of game time since you purchased today.
  5. Has anyone ever bought with PlayerAuctions?

    Typically scammers have low rep and will use the account as an exit-scam and make a new account to try to sell it.
  6. It would be easy to implement a feature like that. I wonder if it would be widely used. I'll make a note of it. And I know what you are saying, but that is TRiBot clicking behavior by default. I'll force it to open the inventory first but that is how all TRiBot clicking is done by default. It depend on many things. Make sure to try what briareos2285 has said. Check your FPS too. CPU and RAM usage as well (especially during the JAD phase). What I said above. The bot first checks RSBuddy pricing and then if that fails it goes to the osrs GE website for pricing. Both must have failed and that's why it shows -1. However, next time it picks up a death rune it should be accurate / when the servers go back up.
  7. Why would stopping the script help? And not just bank it?
  8. Zulrah loot seller / Restocker

    Yes I am. It's already partially completed I am just working on finishing up some other features before I add restocking.
  9. The script double checks the bank, even if the TRiBot banking API says if you have no item. Have you tried the RS cache reset that I've posted on the bottom of the documentation thread?
  10. Some proggies since the last update:
  11. Sounds like lag / connection issues. Make sure to check out the world ping finder and read the documentation thread in general
  12. Ah I see. This ID has not been added yet, and in the next update you should definitely not encounter this issue again.
  13. |w| Quests By Worthy · Features Gathers all auxiliary items for you Quick and easy to use GUI setup Sexy mouse paint Multi-threaded system for food support and combat defence Screenshots completed quests! All completed quests are put in your .tribot folder /Worthy Quests/Screenshots Flawless deathwalking ABCL AntiBan Intelligent World Hopping resource finder Chain Questing - see documentation on bottom of page · Steps Enable Lite Mode. File > Settings Click the View stats and items button and make sure you have all the items specified in your inventory unless further specified. Turn off auto-retaliate. Input your accout details into the TRiBot Bot Manager Select a quest and, unless restarting it from a bug, leave the checkpoint on the default setting. Block user input when done. [NOTE] Detailed information on what the bot is doing can be found under the bot debug window: · Easy 7 Minute Account Trade Setup Supported Quests Waterfall Quest Rune Mysteries Doric's Quest Monk's Friend Cook's Assistant Prince Ali Rescue Death Plateau Tree Gnome Village Dwarf Cannon The green quests are the most bug-free and tested. They work well almost every single time and can be relied upon without baby-sitting. Bugs in them are fixed with priority. The yellow quests should be baby-sat and may be buggy if using LG, or in general. Bugs here are fixed eventually. Do not buy the script if you plan on using the yellow quests only. The reason being, I plan on rewriting this questing script, from the ground up. This is one of the first scripts I wrote for TRiBot and I have not gotten around to rewriting yet with my learned experience and knowledge over the years. Supporting old code is time consuming and I would like to spend those efforts writing new code that is more reliable in the future · How to submit and bug report BUG REPORT 1) Name of quest: 2) Picture of screen (rs window (show inventory): I recommend gyazo/shareX 3) Detailed description of bug: 4) Bot Debug: Right click the tab and press copy to clipboard. I recommend to upload to www.pastebin.com 5) Client Debug: Example: · In the Repository! --> Two Authorizations [monthly] (Player edition) --> Unlimited [lifetime] (Farming edition) · Video Proggies · · Completed Quest Proggies: More proggies: http://imgur.com/a/wIHOS · · Script Documentation and How-To: Enjoy!
  14. 1) Have you started it from the beginning at a bank booth? 2) It will collect multiple pebbles and then pick them all up and continue. Next time can you take some pics of your issues and at least fill out some of the bug report form posted on the first post please.
  15. Add my skype worthytb for communication (ask for a PM). 07GP - For everyone! NEW LOW PRICE OF: 1.3m / credit for < 25 credits 1.2m / credit for >= 25 credits PLENTY IN STOCK Regards, Worthy
  16. UPDATE - V2.221 - added data consistency checks forsending information to the hiscores server. Due to a tribot glitch, running multiple tabs in the same client allowed for bad data to be sent to the server. This is a rare glitch and has only affected a few those running a large number of accounts. I've gone and reset the data to an earlier point in time for the few records that this glitch has affected.
  17. I don't think I will implement that feature, because I don't believe it would be widely used. When the restocking comes the script will buy more of the travel supplies and won't stop, so that will solve your problem
  18. UPDATE - v2.22 - in v2.21 the bot did not pickup dragonstone bolt tips, now it does - if you accidentally did not put a ring of recoil as the ring in your range/mage sets it now automatically puts it for you - slight improvement in positioning algorithm (where to stand on the map)
  19. Not feasible due to the weeks/months of unknown waiting for premium script approval. It's a nice idea of something that could be implemented in a new repository design.
  20. Mules

    This is like saying 'I smoked cigarettes all my life and never got cancer." Doesn't mean anything really. It's a poor way to do things, but yes it can work sometimes.
  21. Every supported travel method is listed here: It supports house tabs with the mounted fairy ring option. It also supports zul-andra scrolls. It doesn't make sense to house tab and then use the scroll if that's what you're trying to do.
  22. Proggies from within the last update:
  23. UPDATE - v2.21 - updated camera movement algorithms to eliminate potential patterns (antiban) - bot no longer picks up bolts fired during looting
  24. Can you tell me the ID of the cape? Press Debug > Inventory to check