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  1. Yea it does this on purpose so you don't run out of antidote mid might. A fight can use between 1 and 2 antidote.
  2. It's not a bug. It decants potions at the GE if restocking is enabled.
  3. It does not. It is not ironman friendly.
  4. It dpesn't run planks this is correct. It doesn't advertise that it does though. Delays will be higher using Looking Glass, this is a fact. But, it depends on a few user-related variables like the computer and which OSRS client it is being hooked to. The delay goes as low as 0.01x.
  5. Not too sure. I would recommend asking for help in the TRiBot discord: https://discord.gg/czJRkk
  6. It can do both. Mage only is good at 90+ mage. Mage/range is best at 85/85+
  7. bandicam 2020-07-28 20-48-52-078.mp4 It should. That bug as well as the reason it spam clicks the butler is because likely the games varbit settings are off, and tribot is having trouble reading the game values to determine whether the butler is gone fetching or not. To fix this run this jar as well as make sure you are only using 1 tab per client. Resolved via PM. Solution: preset must be created by clicking on the object in the menu and not using the hotkeys to select it (client debug also warns of this).
  8. Yes. There's a trial as well, accessible to all those who are VIP or using the VIP trial.
  9. Any blessing should work. Perhaps the gear preset needed to be recreated? Next time post the debugs so I can see the error please.
  10. Are you using Looking Glass? That might reduce performance.
  11. The script currently has 55 active users using it without a problem. I assure you, the issue you were facing is a user error and would be fixed with proper use.
  12. Are you using 1 tab per client? Did you try running this as well https://tribot.org/forums/topic/80611-java-executable-delete-hooks-and-jagex-cache-and-a-few-other-things/
  13. That option is determined by antiban factors. To override check :
  14. What do you mean hangs up. The script ends? If so, it will say why it ends in the client debug, check for FINISH: MSG. Botting zulrah is a high risk high reward scenario, hence the price. Botting in general isn't necessarily the easiest thing to do however.
  15. I think I missed responding to this actually. But yes anti-venom+ is required.
  16. How do you guarantee they have never been used for RS before? What about the provider you got them from?
  17. I don't have this information but given the countless setups I don't think it would be an accurate estimator as well. Not without VIP-E. Check this page for more info https://tribot.org/#pricing
  18. Yes. Note I believe you cannot use proxies without vip.
  19. Depends on your other levels. If you have higher mage/range they can supplement low defence. I offer a 2 hr script trial you can test it out and find out too.
  20. Yes that is correct. A technical correction: one account at a time. It doesn't necessarily need to be the same account.
  21. Once it gets the quick select option it goes a bit faster. On LG I recommend setting the abc2 delay multiplier value to the lowest possible value (0.01). This happens when the client varbits are not hooked. Please try closing all rs clients and then run this :
  22. Do you mean 0.01? The script performs extra slowly on looking Glass, depending on computer specific variables.
  23. Yes it does. The objects to be build needs to be near / in the loaded game region of the portal.
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