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  1. You should only need 2 dramen staves. Because items are recoverable on death, the second staff will be used to fetch the first from the priestess. It will say why in Client Debug usually. If the script times out often, then it may be an indication of a user issue. I recommend to read the entire READ ME on the script GUI (especially the bottom half). This is intended behavior. Then the bot will have at least an extra space for gear switches / other things, etc. What is the point in carrying another set of teleports?
  2. Updated in v2.19; apologies for the delay. You must recreate / delete the old presets.
  3. Have you tried deleting the .tribot folder or restarting the client? On the bottom of the script READ ME there is a troubleshooting section. If you have get 2 kills per trip often you may want to try a faster travel method (zul-andra). 90+ mage helps. Maybe higher stats? Zul-andra teles are pretty expensive now, so if you can barely get 1 kill per trip they are not worth it. You need to have both gear setups saved in a single preset. Not one gear preset in one preset and have 2 presets. I can fix this. Have you tried increasing the mouse speed and reducing the number of gear switches. Tribot client: File > Settings, make sure mouse variance is set at 0. The conditions for another kill would be the same as always. It should use a special banking loop for the mounted fairy ring method. Unfortunately this is still a TRiBot issue. The conditions for another kill should be the same as always. The bot would re-enter a fight with your gear because in a previous battle it had less than those supplies and killed Zulrah. Unfortunately as you noted the previous battle is not necessarily an accurate indicator of the average battle. I can add an option for this. Have you tried increasing the mouse speed and reducing the number of gear switches. Tribot client: File > Settings, make sure mouse variance is set at 0. The error is unrelated to the script. As for the dramen staff issue, if the script is idling please follow the bug report instructions here (gif, stacktrace + logs is suffucient). Yes.
  4. Let the bot gear up itself. Try having more bolts equipped.
  5. Did you create the build preset within the last 5 days?
  6. @jprz924 I tested the script on the regular TRiBot client and it performed very quickly: I even tested the performance on Looking Glass with 64-bit OSBuddy: On LG (64-bit OSBuddy) and non-LG it performs quickly if you set the delay to 0,01. The number of times the mouse leaves the screen to 'afk / check another tab' is randomized and determined by your account character profile. So, in conclusion, the script works very well and it is a little slower on LG. I have also updated the script for some QoL / bug fixes: In v2.18: The script now uses daxwalker if manual banking mode is selected. The script is now more robust in finding the built object in a preset. Fixed an issue with the bot being unable to leave the portal due to level up.
  7. Could either of you send a gif if performance? Have you tried lowering the ABC2 multiplier to the lowest value. Unfortunately I got my main banned but I bought a new account and am still leveling up construction. If either of you could send me a gif or even better let me borrow the account I could resolve any issues.
  8. This was a decision made by tribot a while back unfortunately:
  9. If you hover over the pictures it will show which ID the script will use. It could be a graphical issue. Have you tried deleting the Worthy Zulrah Slayer folder in the .tribot folder?
  10. Worthy

    Buying 07gp

    Resellers pay more than this. If you want to buy a few mills, no one is going to give you such a great price with an unreliable payment method. It's just not worth their time for multiple reasons. If you just want a few mills (you should specify amount next time), you should offer more than resellers and less than how much it would cost to buy from a site, which would be at least 0.9$/m.
  11. Sounds like the correct preset was not selected. Make sure you read what I said below for NowForPure. Make sure you have read the first post as well and start with the correct items in inventory. Oak larders, chairs, tables and doors are heavily tested and working items. Have both of you read the first post? No items in inventory except the specified ones? For phials you should have the noted plank you are using in inventory, and when you run out of will go to phials and get more. If you both have done this can you send pictures / gifs for more info please.
  12. Turns out its still broken and was not fixed properly.
  13. Unfortunately I don't believe TRiBot has a way to determine how far zoomed in the camera is without opening the interface to check. Range only mode will also require a bit of engine work, the script was kind of designed for mage only mode. In v2.691 (today) I fixed the issue with the 'Going to sacrificial boat' in the POH. As for the discord, no one will know which TRiBot account you are if you don't want to share it. Don't think you can do the alias you would just have to make another I guess.
  14. Check the npc click settings in Runescape settings. It's on the read me towards the bottom
  15. In TRiBot File Settings have you enabled lite mode? Have you tried deleting various parts of the .tribot folder (or the entire thing).
  16. I'm still trying to identify / fix this issue. Can you please tell me which travel method you are using? And describe possibly in more detail how it happens? Does it happen every time? Same as what I said above. This is the same issue. As for barrows, make sure to have one set of ahrims armor only (even in the bank). So for example: do not have 2 ahrims robes top in total. Only have 1 of the ahrims items in total on player / bank. Not sure what this is. Can you provide a picture? Make sure to read the READ ME. Try starting the script at Clan Wars. _______________________ To anyone reporting prayer / world hopping issues: This was broken by the Runescape update at 6AM EST this morning. I released an update an around 8AM to fix this using my custom API implementations. The majority of TRiBot scripts will remain broken until later today when TRiLeZ has time to update TRiBot. On the other hand, I have rewritten so much of the API waiting for TRiLeZ that you all get to enjoy the update many hours before everyone else The updated version is v2.69 A general note to everyone: Please ask questions in zulrah-support discord channel for a faster response time (Discord link on script GUI).
  17. You must have it in both sets of gear saved. Have you entered your account information? If so, I think this is a TRiBot issue (this one).
  18. 1,2; this is a great idea, but it would be somewhat complex to implement 3; yea it doesn't have that level of precision. it groups all items as the same type 4,5; have not heard of these issues 6; how would it use camera zoom effectively? 7; this will be added and will be added soon. 8; this is a great idea and will definitely be looked into. 9; this is not so easy to do. this is even difficult for regular players to do :P 10; also a good idea but likely will not add anytime soon unless someone lends me an account. also very niche 11; it does do that but sometimes the order changes dynamically to compensate for many things It shouldn't click to run in the poison. If it happens every time could you take a gif? There should be a piece of food from the teleport with this travel method? This script is not really ironman friendly. It varies wildly. I recommend using breaks to avoid botting to much in a session.
  19. Can you provide bug report information when you say it breaks (runs to edge of map)? Ideally a gif of screen and stack trace please.
  20. It does not. Maybe your eat at % is too high. It only combo eats if it really needs to (typically during jad phase and to prevent unlucky combos).
  21. Try increasing the timeout to 10 and then send the debugs.
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