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  1. Are you saying you would like the option to bring 2 potions of Anti-poison+ (4) instead of one? _________________________________ UPDATE - V2.75 - added option on GUI to ignore custom item IDs when selling (and just keep in bank) - added option on GUI to minimize on launch
  2. Only use magic snake, avoid the blue snake. But, still blue snake hit very easily. Please repair as soon as possible!

  3. Zulrah's HP is displayed in small green text on the screen for debugging purposes. Also on your signature, the image is case-sensitive (the S in your name is capitalized) which is why it doesn't display. _____________________________________ UPDATE - ZULRAH HISCORES - added rank to dynamic signatures - all ranks update every 30 mins automatically UPDATE - V1.03 [ZULRAH MULER] - added control panel to view active units (and last connection update time) - added a button to check which units are not active (input a list of all units to check) UPDATE V2.745 [ZULRAH SLAYER] - added failsafe to deposit extra armor in case of misclick (such as blessings)
  4. This is as expected. This script will be re-wrriten hopefully within a few months
  5. Good point, this is changed now and will be live in the next update You need to use JDK 8. If the script stops it will give a reason why in the Client Debug. Let me know if you are still experiencing any issues. For faster communication add my discord worthy#2076 Can you send me the bug########.zip file that the script generates upon timeout? This would assist me in solving the issue. Extracted from the READ ME: "To delete an equipment preset, go to your .tribot folder > Worthy Zulrah Slayer > Equipment and just delete any of the .ini preset files.". Yes that is a good idea I can add that. Responded to you via PM on discord. It will be the fastest means of communication and it would be easiest to stick to it
  6. Apologies for the late response. 1. That is a good observation. My intention was that the blue tile will show where to stand during the next phase. When a red phase occurs in which you must dodge, the green tile does swap locations temporarily. 2. 1.,3,4: I will add this. 2: This is due to an incorrect setup. There is a video tutorial which demonstrates how to set up 2 gear sets for one preset. In TRiBot: File > Settings you can disable Dismiss Random Events.
  7. Hey dude, Zulrah slayer seems to just stand at the bank? any idea whats wrong? im using the 2 hour trial if it helps

  8. Did you press the stack trace button when it was idling? Also did you try the universal troubleshooting guide?
  9. Yes it works well with LG. This script is not in beta. This will be looking into very shortly and fixed. edit: @nastyerror Fixed now in v2.744
  10. It does not as that is a money making method and this is meant for leveling construction. You can click the paint. Are you using LG? Can you explain or show what happens in a bit more detail (maybe send a gif?).
  11. The user count is available here: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1362-w-zulrah-slayer-v2/ but each user has likely more than one account botting, some have up to a hundred. There are no safe guards to guarantee no bans, it is unpredictable for the most part. I would not bot on an account you don't want to lose. The idea is to make significant profit before ban. I just updated the bot now to change the order of gear withdrawal.
  12. Oh that's what you are talking about. There is an internal script user based threshold in the bot which determines whether or not to deposit all items when depositing a lot of loot, or just deposit the loots and not the whole inventory. It is conditional. As for the order of item withdrawal, for gear that will be fixed.
  13. I am assuming you are using fairy rings? It must deposit the dramen staff in the box because you only have one and will need it to fetch your items back if you die. To solve this, simply get a second dramen staff. Secondly, are you talking about when gear is withdrawn during banking? I was actually going to address the item withdrawal order shortly.
  14. The fastest GUI set-up requires enabling hotkeys and setting the ABC2 delay multiplier to 0.01. I ran it for a couple of minutes with these settings at lvl 44 construction with the normal butler and got around 140k/hr:
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