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  1. https://tribot.org/repository/user_panel/instance_manager/
  2. Are you using the butler or demon butler? Have you tried recreating the preset?
  3. Since you've used the script for roughly the trial time, I will refund you on this basis.
  4. UDPATE V1.5: - Waterfall quest bug tested and run on 50-100+ accounts, runs very well now - Waterfall automatically sets progress stage, regardless of input (automatically knows what to do)
  5. Ok let me know. You should also try deleting the dot tribot folder.
  6. This script does not interact with the game. It is simply a graphical overlay which aids the user in fighting the Zulrah boss. If you are looking for a script which kills zulrah automatically, then it is the Zulrah Slayer (not Helper). It's linked below in my signature. Note that the Zulrah Slayer has a non zero banrate (as such with all bots).
  7. I've uploaded a temporary fix for now, and I will be uploading a permanent fix later tonight.
  8. Sounds like the preset is set up incorrectly. Have you tried recreating it?
  9. The update yesterday didn't break anything I believe. I think this issue is due to a gear preset setup incorrectly. I recommend you check out the discord (link on main thread). You can PM me @ worthy#2076
  10. You could shrink the bot/client debug. Clicking the paint doesn't hide it btw, it just turns it to a smaller and more transparent version.
  11. You could just resize the TRiBot client. Also you could click the paint (graphic image) on TRiBot to toggle hide it.
  12. Fixed in next version v1.097. Can you elaborate on this? Yes, you need to open the Equipment tab first. When in doubt, check out the Client Debug logs, it should say why it stopped or is not doing anything.
  13. As mentioned above, the script generates a timeout error information report file when the script stops. It says where in the debug (dot tribot > Worthy Script Logs). Can you please send me this file so I have all the information?
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