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  1. Shrinking the client would have the same effect as disabling graphics. I would suggest a client paint delay of at most 50ms, I put mine around 30 to still get at least 25FPS. I can look into reducing the CPU usage in the next few days programmatically as well. You can try multiple tabs per client but I'm not sure that it will function correctly though (it may get stuck at bank looking for wrong gear and end). I have been trying to get multiple tabs to function but am unable to determine if it is a tribot client or script issue.
  2. In the TRiBot client, File > Settings, does it work if you enable Lite Mode? Will fix this though for non lite mode.
  3. UPDATE - V2.83 - add antipattern features to many core functions of the zulrah battle itself edit: running stable
  4. Broken due to RS Update. Fixed in TRiBot version 10.21.9+
  5. Script either has memory leak or you need to allocate a larger heap space: Try 512 or 768
  6. Sharing IPs while breaking the rules on another account can get the first one banned
  7. You need to create them by building an object. Check out the first post on this thread for details.
  8. This script doesn't interact with the game, so you must be saying the TRiBot Client is detectable. That is clearly not the case otherwise everyone using TRiBot would be banned instantly. Something isn't right here.
  9. Could you add me on discord please? worthy#2076 You may want to remove the .zip file as it includes a picture of your bank (this may or may not be important).
  10. Can you send me the timeout#######.zip file produced by the idle logout when this occurs? It should provide all information for me to fix /identify the issue. The mule can be f2p as the bot will world hop to its world. Muling occurs after restocking, where the bot sells loot and transfers over extra GP as defined in the GUI settings.
  11. It does not support range only. It only supports both and mage only. Range only isn't worth it unless you have the twisted bow.
  12. Will fix this soon edit: Reuploaded the constructor. I tested it myself and it should be working now @nykko could you please try again?
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