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  1. It should prioritize moving over eating, but the order changes dynamically when it cannot attempt certain actions.
  2. UPDATE - V2.48 (FEATURES) - added a new resource tracker. this is the first part of a two-part update. the data generated here from you characters is saved to disk and will be used in automatic restocking to compute the number of supplies needed to purchase - if 'don't pray on non-attacking phases' selected, the bot will turn off the auxiliary prayer if it is not needed @ntp5g5 check out the discord link here: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/64241-w-zulrah-slayer-documentation/
  3. Worthy

    |w| Zulrah Slayer - Documentation

    If the script times out, there are 3 files saved in the .tribot/Worthy Script Logs/ folder related to why this happen (a picture, the Bot Debug and Client Debug). Please PM me those 3 if you experience those issues. If you are using LG, make sure to use 64-bit OSBuddy and read the entire documentation thread. The less switches is better, but anything <= 5 is good. If you have very low stats, less switches like 3-4 is recommended.
  4. It means you have enabled the 'use middle mouse' button on the GUI but you must enable to the option to use it in Runescape settings:
  5. I will add this eventually. The problem is you are like 0.1% of users ________________________ UPDATE - v1.09 - Added the 2 remaining random phases that occur 1.5 rotations deep in the Zulrah battle (they are rare)
  6. I refunded him because even though he bought the script he ran it for less than the trial time.
  7. Worthy

    |w| Constructor [REWRITTEN 2.0] [ABC2 L10]

    Sustaining anything close to that rate would be so obviously a bot I think. Currently you cannot disable some antiban actions, such as the mouse leaving the game when it decides to simulate AFK. You can try lowering the antiban delay multiplier to the lowest value (0.01) and using the demon butler.
  8. Refunded I believe so. There is a 2 hour script trial offered so you can test it out too.
  9. Worthy

    |w| Constructor [REWRITTEN 2.0] [ABC2 L10]

    Using the best servant, and setting the delay multiplier to the lowest possible value. What do you mean?
  10. What CPU and RAM do you have? You need like 4GB of ram and an i3 / pentium to run the non-Looking Glass client. Does your CPU usage go close to 100%?
  11. Worthy

    |w| Constructor [REWRITTEN 2.0] [ABC2 L10]

    Are you using 64-bit OSBuddy? Have you tried the deleting the .tribot folder / dependencies folder (inside .tribot)? Is your Oak larder on the main floor of your house (not upstairs). Make sure the room with the larder is a few rooms away from the portal to enter the house as well.
  12. Have you tried the troubleshooting reset? Deleting dependencies, hooks, RS game cache, etc. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/64241-w-zulrah-slayer-documentation/ Are you using LG? If so, make sure to use 64-bit OSBuddy and shrink OSBuddy before the game launches. It should be pretty rare if it is slow and gets stunned.
  13. Worthy

    |w| Zulrah Slayer - Documentation

    If the script stops it saves a copy of the Client Debug, Bot Debug, and takes a picture of the screen (it blocks out sensitive info). Please look in the .tribot/Worthy Script Logs/ folder and send me those 3 files relating to the timeout.
  14. Worthy

    |w| Zulrah Slayer - Documentation

    If you do not check the 'use f-keys only' button the GUI then you must set f-key bindings to default in the Runescape game settings. Please take a gif of the entire screen for the issue of it being stuck.