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  1. Better brush up on your Number Theory!
  2. I mean to say it does not matter with regards to detection (my observation). It matters with performance. Try 200+
  3. Ban rates are unable to be determined. Gear goes from better to worst in order of Ahrims > Void (unless very high level) > Mystic. There is a much more detailed description of armor on the READ ME page accessible if you purchase the script or activate the trial. This is a known issue (bot does not preemptively switch if loads of gear and slow mouse speed). Current fix is to use less gear switches, and increase mouse speed. While this seems like a simple fix, the script is coded in a certain way in which that would be difficult to fix (checking charges for the very first time not at CW bank). If this annoys you, you can start the script, press pause. Then check the trident / blowpipe charges yourself. Then resume the script. I imagine you must be using a very low level account in which kills take a while? The bot tries to keep ammo for the # of kills set per trip, so it thought 150 casts was enough for two kills. How many trident casts does the resource tracker report being used per kill?
  4. If you could guarantee two kills per trip you would be in better shape, but there may not be much you can do besides increase your mage/range stats on LG. Perhaps using a faster mouse speed, less switches, fkeys only, large screen, and a few other setting tweaks could help. Have you tried using a house and fairy ring method? It might be faster. Wow nice proggy! I fixed the hiscores tracking about a week ago, but indeed tracking was broken for a few weeks before that.
  5. The bot does not perform perfectly. I need more information than what you have provided to properly debug the situation and give a clear explanation as to why it is behaving the way it is. Can you explain how it messes up exactly? A picture/gif speaks many words too. Note with Looking Glass calculations are done slower, so the bot may just slip behind, especially during the JAD phase and die from being unable to keep up. To remedy this, I would suggest increasing the mouse speed to 230-300, possibly reducing the number of sets inbetween switches. Make sure to use f-keys for tab switching for faster mouse movement.
  6. I just updated the script to v1.0951, which should make it no longer freeze when pressing the "Grab Equipment Button" (after opening the Equipment tab). If it still doesn't work on this version, please PM me both debugs (assuming it does not freeze).
  7. To create a preset for oak larders, please refer to the documentation I have re-iterated from the first post of this thread here
  8. I can refund you if it still doesn't work. Can you PM me the video?
  9. Assuming 140k average loot per drop (check this from hiscores data) you are making 1.2m/hr profit (12.2*140k-resources) :). Your drops just happened to be below average this time.
  10. Have you tried deleting your .tribot folder and restarting?
  11. Yes: Note that it also does not advertise 1-3m+/hr net profit, even though in most cases even that is still true. I am not 'quick to shift the blame'. What we went through was a process called troubleshooting. We tried different settings, tested different things. I determined, via our troubleshooting process, that TRiBot was to blame. And now we are here.
  12. Thanks for the info I requested. The bot seems to perform well, just slowly. You were only able to do 5 kills an hour, which is below average. Seems like your loot per kill was below average too. If you ran the bot at the same settings for a long time, kills would be on average 140k in loot due to rares and your profit would increase a bit to around 500k/hr. I recommend using LG with 64-bit osbuddy on my thread. However LG with osbuddy is broken due to a tribot update. There may be a tweak of settings or tribot configuration which will make your kills per hour higher. Same with decreasing frequency of deaths. This is not how the bot normally behaves. I posted three progress reports of 3 separate users able to achieve 12, 15, and 16 kills per hour all using Looking Glass surprisingly. I'm not sure why it works for them and not for you. TRiBot should help you since Looking Glass is not working well for you.
  13. I've updated the script to v2.7196. Fixed the fairy ring varrock issue. I am still trying to request a pic of 1 hr runtime and the entire resources tab, as well as the debugs. If you could try the fairy ring route that also might be better. We have not gone back and forth much, and you have not given my setting changes much of a chance. I would also try limiting the bot to 1 kill per trip.
  14. I have refunded nearly 100 purchases to this script, a handful of which were on valid grounds. Your attitude is just extremely poor, so I am inclined not to. The script dispute section is here:
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