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  1. 1) No, the bot takes 26 planks so you have extra so he doesn't leave you and stands next to you (waiting to give you the extra). 2) You shouldn't have nails in your inventory; larders don't need them. 3) I've updated this in v2.077 The newest update all / most scripts are broken: So follow that thread and wait for TRiLeZ to update.
  2. Thursday RuneScape update. Give it up to 24 hours for a fix from TRiLeZ.
  3. I've updated the script to prevent this from occurring in rare instances in v2.035 Also in v2.035 I lowered the threshold the bot is required to eat at so it doesn't prioritize eating as much during the JAD phase. It is Thursday, Runescape just updated so read the client bugs: TRiLeZ will fix it soon.
  4. Changed the trial time to 2 hours for everyone/you. It's important so you can configure the bot to construct the item you want to make. They are all different and can't be programmed statically. There is a very simple 3 step guide on the first post of this thread (the documentation) with pictures and explanations; make sure you follow it
  5. Added. I made the script the way it is to ensure that a player never loses their items on the rare case that they are venommed outside the Zulrah arena. However, I will look into this / helmet tracking for the lazy
  6. But didn't it survive after it logged? I don't want to risk not making it to the bank and dying. You should fully charge the helmet before using it at Zulrah to make sure it has enough charges so you don't need to worry about it for like 24hrs. I'll look into trying to accurately track helmet charging.
  7. Ah, it seems the coins from Camelot traveling method / Zulrah drops made the bot think it withdrew GP to repair barrows armor. I have patched this in v2.034 where it should ignore this money and withdraw more to repair armor. Thanks for the bug report
  8. This can be fixed if you use a high level healing food such as Shark which heals a lot. You should be switching 3-4 items (3 if LG, up to 4 if regular client) to prevent this. The bot should be able to do both. Make sure you set your HP threshold to something not too high for your HP (about 65% is good). You can send me pictures of your stats, gear, and GUI setup and I can comment on the best setup given your RS character.
  9. Proggies from recently: Regular client: LG
  10. Make sure you have read the instructions on the main thread! Fill out both the fields as the main thread shows and then press the search button. Afterwards, follow the instructions on the paint. It will tell you to open up the build interface and build the item. After you build it the preset will be created. Then you can select this item preset and start the script.
  11. LG makes Jagex think that you are using the regular client instead of a 3rd party client (which may or may not be a botting client - they can't tell). It could be important in reducing bans. You can find many other people's testimonies about their experiences with LG on the forums.
  12. Depends on how many kills / deaths you make per hour. For each death you waste the materials it takes to get back to Zulrah and the materials required to get there. So if you die a lot you should use a less expensive travel method (such as camelot / fairy ring) and if you die only a handful of times per hour then you should use Zul-andra teleports as you have the opportunity for more kills every hour. Ava's switch is a little unnecessary; it's just more items to switch.
  13. Reducing CPU and memory usage:
  14. Use the option for safe teleporting out when Zulrah is say above 30-40% HP. This will prevent you from dying in the last multi-kill if you fail. Read the documentation for how it determines if you can do another kill. You need enough prayer potions, anti-venom's, and food. Are you referring to the Red patterns? The bot runs away early so it can avoid the poison which fills the map. You only get knicked by the last shot not too often; it's difficult to wait just long enough but not run into the poison afterwards. Also, there are no private versions of the script available and am not looking to make one. (I will be working on another premium script in a while).
  15. Can you take a picture / stack trace?