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  1. LG reduces performance greatly on all scripts. Have you tried the delay multiplier set to the minimum value?
  2. The picture runtime do not include breaks, but the users may break, I don't have that information. The script does support breaking (waits til after battle). It does not yet, but I can add this.
  3. /** * Holds a key while the stopping condition returns false. Will send KEY_PRESSED while being held. If keyChar != * KeyEvent.CHAR_UNDEFINED, KEY_TYPED will also be sent. KEY_RELEASED is sent after the stopping condition returns * true.<br> * <br> * <p> * This method uses key holding delay and repeat rates which are unique to every different botter (character * randomization). Delay and repeat rates mimic the 'Keyboard Properties' of the Windows Control Panel (the * machine's OS doesn't matter though).<br> * <br> * <p> * The stopping condition is checked every millisecond. Try to make sure the stopping condition doesn't take longer * than 2ms to check. If it does, the method will be less human-like. * * @param keyChar * The character to type/press. Use KeyEvent.CHAR_UNDEFINED to not send KEY_TYPED events. * @param keyCode * The key code. * @param stopping_condition * The stopping condition. The bot will continue holding the key as long as the condition returns false. * Once it * returns true, the bot will stop holding the key. */ Keyboard.holdKey('4', KeyEvent.VK_4, () -> doStuff()); doStuff() is the method which should do what you want while you want to hold down 4. It should return false as long as you want to keep holding 4 down.
  4. It would be a lot more helpful if you posted the error message, but from what I read, your code has at least two issues in it. Con and bank objects may return an array of length 0, so retrieving the first element without checking the array length can throw an ArrayOutOfBounds exception, which will end the script.
  5. I would recommend shrinking the clients (especially the LG client) after the script starts. You could also increase the paint delay a bit, but that will decrease performance. Yes it is. This is coded into the bot on purpose because it is less to risk, and the bot supports trident recharging and buying more resources. However, I will update it soon to support the Trident (e). Were you using vengeance? And how many kills did you set the bot to restock for? If you were using vengeance, this issue will be fixed in v2.807 This is not an issue as it should use the most recent RSBuddy cache it has saved on disk. The issue should resolve itself automatically in the upcoming days. ________________ Zulrah Slayer v2.807 Update [Minor Bug Fixes]: - fixed grab current equipment getting bad images - fixed interaction timeouts (such as boarding boat) - fixed a timeout that occurs sometimes when charging weapons after death - fixed an issue with pressing 2) Restock and the script not starting with restocking - fixed an outofbounds exception that happened during banking - fixed dramen staff withdrawal not working sometimes ________________ Proggies from past versions:
  6. Private scripting service reopened Extremely large projects (not limited to but including): Vorkath, private Zulrah script, Corp Beast (or other large bossing scripts), will not be accepted. Note this service will be expensive and pricing will be higher than usual due to the limited number of requests being accepted. You will however, receive a very top quality product!
  7. This should be resolved in v2.353 but I have been unable to test for extended periods of time since I am visiting family and fly back home tomorrow. Then, I can test for a long period of time.
  8. I will be testing all construction methods to search for issues and post back a long report of it running soon. Will also be adding a failsafe to close the poll booth window (as this has been found an issue in my Zulrah script too). @Thijs @prashant210 I updated the script to v2.353 and this fix includes: - fix 'butler stuck' issue and lag caused by it - fixed an issue where bot got stuck removing item / pressing yes talking to butler - bot closes poll booth in case it accidentally opens it I will post a long runtime soon, as I only tested each banking type 10-30 minutes in testing. In the meantime, if you encounter any issues on the latest version, please send me a picture of the screen (preferably with the paint hidden) and perhaps a 1 sentence description of the issue.
  9. Due to a gear preset selected with no range gear or possibly the incorrect preset selected. Please send me the report files (bug######.zip) automatically generated by the script if experiencing issues. My discord is worthy#2076, or tag me in the support discord. Some customers just sent me this on the latest version:
  10. @Thijs I updated the script to v2.351 where that should be fixed. @prashant210 I would recommend to modify the ABC2 mulitplier to the largest value you find tolerable. With the delay value set higher, your character simulates AFK type play, which is what I think most players do for long extended periods of time.
  11. Will fix this tonight. Updated my interaction and walking system to include more antipattern.
  12. UPDATE - V2.8 [ZULRAH SLAYER] [ANTIBAN] - (abc|w|) antiban added to npc interaction - (abc|w|) antiban added to banking - (abc|w|) antiban added to walking - (abc|w|) antiban added to looting - (abc|w|) several additions to general features, some existing and some new - added feature to check & break recoil if below X dmg - world pinger on GUI fixed - added support for shift dropping - eat at % automatically computed - supply cost and breakdown automatically computed (restocker tab on GUI) ________________________________ @Birkhof seek the discord (first post of this thread) or the READ ME button the script GUI for help @dtrippp i will likely add those :)'
  13. Are you saying when the debug prints "butler stuck" the client lags? Does that happen every time? This is due to LG, but I can attempt to optimize certain functions and make it run a bit faster. However, it is normal that using LG will create extra delays in between actions that do not occur on the regular client. Issues with Looking Glass / speed-related issues may also be effected differently on different machines. I just tested creating an Oak Larder preset, with success: I did a quick test and the bot seemed to function smoothly: I also tested creating a preset for Mahogany tables, with success too: Maybe you could add me on discord? Mine is worthy#2076 There I could take a better look at the issues you are experiencing Some more information such as debugs or a picture of the screen would also be very helpful.
  14. Have you tried following the GIF I posted on the first post of this thread?
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