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  1. Ah the iban staff is not supported sorry. This script is not tailored for ironmen. This is a TRiBot issue with the loginbot and will be fixed shortly by TRiLeZ. @philong65 and others... to prevent this, disable skipping blue pattern and world hopping for now. 4 - This was a bug. It will be fixed in the next release. Thanks 6 - The bot actually uses the deposit box in some scenarios (like if you only have 1 dramen staff and need to get back to zul-andra with it). But using the deposit box is slow. Why would you use it? I'm afraid I don't understand. 7 - This is also something on my list I plan to improve. 8 - Ah I see. That is a good point. My algorithm for re-organizing inventory items is not that sophisticated yet but maybe it will be improved 9 - This is just TRiBot doing it's thing. Should occur randomly. 10 - The threshold to drink a prayer pot is optimized and dynamically shifted (just as you mentioned) but it is randomized so it's not optimal every time like you've suggested.
  2. You need more ammo (at least 80 per kill) equipped
  3. I can add an option for auto-retaliate. 1 - I will make it do that, it is on my list. 2 - It needs to do this otherwise quick prayers remain on. You can test this buy enabling quick prayers and turning off all the corresponding prayers. The quick prayer icon remains on, so toggling it off would do nothing. 3 - It also needs to do this as there is no game setting to get the current # of charges. It tracks through player animations. 4 - It does switch to magic gear. Is this what you mean? 5 - Shift click dropping is a good idea, will add that. 6 - Use which deposit box? The one at zul-andra? 7 - Can you elaborate on more human-like? And are you talking about mouse-wheel camera movement or mouse-keys? 8 - It should set up the inventory to gear on top and even give the BP an extra inv space. 9 - It will prefer to click on screen is nearly all cases. I think I know what you are talking about and will fine-tune it. 10 - Will add this.
  4. Are you using Looking Glass? That could be why, The bot doesn't perform this slowly usually. You may ask around in the discord. There is no fine-tuning of exactly when actions occur during the phase (i.e. towards the end or the beginning) but this is a very very high level tuning that pro's use. I do plan on adding this in the future. Range only mode is also not worth it unless you have the twisted bow, which is over 1B so I decided not to add it.
  5. Have you tried increasing the mouse speed, decreasing the number of items to switch for sets, and increasing your eat at %?
  6. I think you can toggle it on or off to your liking. IMO it works best when off. It will click to attack him when it is ready and can.
  7. UPDATE - V2.561 (PATCHES) - fixed bot not being able to use vengeance - fixed an issue where the bot would idle on large orders over the limit (such as fire runes)
  8. It should say why in the debug. Maybe try the troubleshooting on the first post of this thread? Turn off rooves in game. How to is on the script READ ME on the GUI
  9. If you have all the gear and 0 supplies then using zul Andra scrolls for 75-100 kills might be around 2M. These are pretty rough estimates.
  10. UPDATE - V2.56 (PATCHES) - fixed the freezing that occured 1-2 days ago (due to pricing servers crashing) - reduce number of arrows bought during resotck - no longer clicks '1' quantity button when banking - fixed depositing full trident loop when banking
  11. I'm not sure what caused the issues but I heard from all users that everything is fixed and working perfectly now?
  12. Are you talking about the Zulrah Slayer or Helper?
  13. Can anyone use it? It is low priority since ironman are niche users.
  14. UPDATE - V2.55 - fixed special attack issue for blowpipe from RS update - fixed an issue where the restocker would not buy more arrows/bolts for non blowpipe weapon It would not be able to.
  15. If it tried to sell loot then you did not have enough GP for 20 more kills worth of supply. After selling enough loot, it can skip to buying supplies.