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  1. Are you saying when the debug prints "butler stuck" the client lags? Does that happen every time? This is due to LG, but I can attempt to optimize certain functions and make it run a bit faster. However, it is normal that using LG will create extra delays in between actions that do not occur on the regular client. Issues with Looking Glass / speed-related issues may also be effected differently on different machines. I just tested creating an Oak Larder preset, with success: I did a quick test and the bot seemed to function smoothly: I also tested creating a preset for Mahogany tables, with success too: Maybe you could add me on discord? Mine is worthy#2076 There I could take a better look at the issues you are experiencing Some more information such as debugs or a picture of the screen would also be very helpful.
  2. Have you tried following the GIF I posted on the first post of this thread?
  3. I uploaded a fix for this. Now it should remove the door before interacting in case the butler gets stuck. Can you try again in v2.35
  4. UPDATE - V2.77 [ZULRAH SLAYER] - enabled daxwalker (working again) - added support for new welcome screen click here to play button - fixed blowpipe charge count detection
  5. You can adjust the ABC multiplier to x 0,01 which will sleep even less. I will update the script soon to regulate mouse movement delays (especially off-screen ones) to be directly proportional to the ABC multiplier. It's programmed to deposit 1 plank back in the bank with your butler. I'm assuming you don't have a butler, but it will work with the Cook, Butler, or Demon butler. I will update the script soon so that if you don't have a butler it will do what you said.
  6. UPDATE - V2.761 - script rotates camera to track zulrah more accurately - fixed a bug where script did not re-enter house portal if break started in house at a certain stage
  7. This is known and will be updated soon. Current remedies include: enable hide chatbox, zoom out the camera more, or increase the screen size on resizeable mode. This should be fixed within a few hours naturally. The bot is trying to reach one of these: https://storage.googleapis.com/osbuddy-exchange/summary.json https://rsbuddy.com/exchange/summary.json
  8. Have you tried deleting the .tribot folder and restarting the client?
  9. UPDATE - V2.34 - If a sink (or other compatible faucet) is built, the bot will refill Watering Cans in inventory there (when building bagged plants). If no sink is built, the bot will look for pre-filled Watering Cans in the bank. @Ashley 8D
  10. Ah. I have added that to the instructions, thanks So as farkenstein said, I clarified the instructions to include that you must build the item to create the preset using the mouse. As for construction with bagged plants, you must have full watering cans in the bank. You must also select Rimmington manual banking for this method. Then the bot will run to rimmington, grab new watering cans, and the rest of the inventory full of the bagged plant. In the next update shortly I will allow for the script to refill watering cans in a sink, if none are in the bank. I will also allow you to use any banking type then.
  11. Good point! This was changed recently and has been fixed in the latest version. I am not too sure to be honest. The script thinks you have no Zul-andra teleports on player and in the bank, so it thinks it needs more. It could be an issue with TRiBot methods not returning the correct values. If the issue keeps happening, please let me know. When the stops it creates a zipped file which dumps the ending details (such as both debugs, and a picture of the screen). This file is saved in the Worthy Script Logs folder. If you have it could you please send it to me, or send me that file instead of the error message snippet next time please. The script should function in resizable the same as it does in fixed mode. I just tested it at Clan Wars bank (in a non LMS world) and it worked correctly. You should not be using this script in an LMS world, maybe that is why. As someone else said the hiscores have been reset as of a June 7th so your data is no longer publicly available. Chain banning involves botting multiple accounts on the same IP address. Try increasing the mouse speed to 250+. If the mouse pseed doesn't increase in TRiBot File: Settings set Mouse Variance to 0. Also I would enable the 'use f-keys' only option. It may help to switch less pieces or armor in between magic and range sets too. It already brings one extra recoil, selecting the option will bring an additional one. I think it is really only worth it for 3-4 kills per trip. With 85 mage and 75 range you can guarantee 1 kill per trip, maybe two (I would test it). I will be adding an option in the future to check recoil and break them if low charges from last fight as you suggested. No, it applies to all builds.
  12. I just tested all of the features of this script and they were functioning correctly for me. I would assume if you had just restarted the client (or deleted the .tribot folder and then restarted) it would have fixed itself.
  13. @cyberh0und unfortunately that debug doesn't include any useful information. When the script times out, it creates a zip file in Worthy Script Logs in the tribot folder. That includes both debugs, and a pic of screen. Please can you send that to me.
  14. Using Looking Glass will slow down script performance and may cause unexpected issues. Can you please send more information in a bug report like a pic of screen or debug logs.
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