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  1. hi, i bought zulrah bot from you, can you give me more info? thanks.

    1. Worthy


      There is a READ ME available via the script GUI

  2. Can you send me the bug######.zip file saved in the worthy scripts logs folder when it happens next, or the old one? The script saves information when it ends to help me figure out what is going on.
  3. Could be LG. Please check out the troubleshooting guide: Same response as your duplicate PM: If it shuts off, it says why in debug. Please send debugs.
  4. Yes the low ping generator will avoid PvP worlds and types like those you don't want How many switches are you using? LG will definitely slow this down. I received best results using LG with Osbuddy instead of RuneLite.
  5. In TRiBot: File > Settings, enable Lite mode.
  6. If you activate the script trial and press READ ME on the script GUI there are gear recommendations. It should try to avoid this. It might misclick into gas sometimes. Have you ensured low ping world and the rest of troubleshooting is good?
  7. Have you tried increasing the mouse speed to 250-300 or using less switches? Using LG would play a factor too.
  8. You can use the scripts free two hour trial to test it out and measure the profit / kills per hour.
  9. The script plays as if it is afk playing due to ABC2 anti ban. You may reduce the delay multiplier to the minimum value and enable hotkeys for fastest game play.
  10. TRiLeZ was able to reset the queue. The new version is up which includes the latest debugging information. When the issue occurs, if you could take a pic of the whole screen as before it would provide the required info for me to fix. Please include debugs too. Thank you very much for your continued patience.
  11. Yes, unfortunately this is the fault of @TRiLeZ and the repository not compiling, since he is the only one who can fix it. Does this only occur after a break by the way? I believe the issue may be related to Looking Glass and/or the break handler, but the next update I sent will be able to determine this, when TRiLeZ fixes the repository. Note: When reporting a bug, please include the debugs, as well as a pic of screen, so I don't have to ask the above questions (I will be able to infer that info with the debugs). Thanks for your patience. When this is resolved I will work out the math for how many days on your 6 month auth was lost due to the admins, devs, or myself while trying to fix the issue and send you the corresponding price refund of however many cents it works out to from my cut of the 70% of $5.
  12. I see. The status was likely the previous the thing the bot did. I just updated the script to v2.202 and this fix will include more debugging information. If you could do the same thing on this version and include a picture when it stops working, this will greatly assist. Note however that the repository is broken right now and is not accepting script updates until TRiLeZ fixes it again, so v2.202 will be live shortly. To know when exactly you may check the update time and version number here: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/633/ Not yet. I believe there are potential issues using the butler with underground items now. Will be resolved soon.
  13. The cause of this timeout been fixed in v2.723, but I believe you were referring to another one at the time. They are named with the date that they occur on so next time you can locate the appropriate one. Just create your gear preset with the ring of suffering and it will use it. Fixed just now. __________________ UPDATE - V2.723 - retries PoH names once - if PoH friend house is locked, skip player - fixed worldhopper busy timeout - fixed a boarding boat timeout - fixed an issue with max limit timeouts - fix issue of bot not starting
  14. Can you click the paint to hide it? Is he talking to the butler?
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