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  1. Yes that is correct. A technical correction: one account at a time. It doesn't necessarily need to be the same account.
  2. Once it gets the quick select option it goes a bit faster. On LG I recommend setting the abc2 delay multiplier value to the lowest possible value (0.01). This happens when the client varbits are not hooked. Please try closing all rs clients and then run this :
  3. Do you mean 0.01? The script performs extra slowly on looking Glass, depending on computer specific variables.
  4. Yes it does. The objects to be build needs to be near / in the loaded game region of the portal.
  5. Updated the script to v2.84: - support new death mechanics from today's RS update - adjust blowpipe ammo to buy proportionately to ava's accumulation rate (if applicable) NOTE: until tribot updates you must run the client in fixed mode otherwise clicking on the minimap will be bugged
  6. Did you try reducing the ABC2 delay multiplier? It prints how long every delay is in the debug section below. I would recommend the number of planks to request to be the number of empty spaces in inventory besides essential items (hammer, saw, gp, etc.).
  7. Given you bought the script a few hours ago, I'd say you might need to tweak the GUI settings. If you want it to build faster, tweak the ABC2 multiplier. It goes as low as 0.01 (1%). If you are using Looking Glass, script performance will be exceptionally slow the ABC2 multiplier value should definitely should be changed. You should also adjust the number of planks to request from the butler to less if you want it clicking the butler less often. Using hotkeys would speed up performance as well. Many people have gotten 99 with this script, as it is very stable.
  8. You would have less kills per hour, as magic does most of the damage. I recommend using the 2 hr trial to see for yourself. Make sure to set mouse speed above 200 and In tribot File > Settings set mouse variance limiter to 0.
  9. Check in the dot tribot folder in Appdata. There is a folder called Worthy Script Logs. In there is a file called timeout#####.zip (with # as numbers). That will contain the entire bot and client debug, and the stack trace. Please send that to me so I can identify and fix the issue.
  10. Have you tried restarting the client or running this ?
  11. Have you tried running this and using tribot v10.24.2 (select in loader)?
  12. Can you send more info like the timeout file generated on end? It's in the dot tribot folder > Worthy Script Logs
  13. The script is working fine. It might be bugs with the latest tribot version. Try using tribot version 10.24.2
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