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  1. l will post if/when it goes on sale so follow the thread for notifications
  2. What do you mean by specials?
  3. The picture capture system doesn't differentiate between regular clients and LG, so any of the picture I posted could've been LG or not. However, that is a good point, so from now on I will have some text on the screen saying if its LG
  4. New proggie: 20m in 8 hours:
  5. +1 for JFormDesigner
  6. My point still stands; you should have an account for at least 90% of your problems.
  7. IMO, not having a basic RS account to fix most issues of your script is unreasonable. Perhaps if it is for a very high level requirement / addition borrowing is a solution. But, it shouldn't be the customer's problem to help you fix a a basic issue. It's not that hard to buy an account on sythe or PlayerAuctions in a day or so, on the off chance that the account does get banned. (A scripter should also use his account carefully if it is expensive to avoid this).
  8. Proggies from last 24-48 hours:
  9. Update - v2.02 - If TRiBot misclicks and teleports to Duel Arena, the script will recognize and correct - Added random world hopping timer antiban
  10. Hmm, this is a TRiBot issue, but I've heard of it before. I will add a failsafe which teleports back to Clan Wars if in Al Kharid (if you have a RoD, otherwise log out).
  11. It's probably due to just ABC2 implementation. You can read about it here: There are a lot more timed actions so the script idles and moves off the screen more frequently and for longer periods of time, so that's probably why it's acting slower than usual. Remember that slower is better for the safety of your account. Thanks The rewritten version is much smoother overall.
  12. Are you using ABC2 delays?
  13. Update - v2.013 - Antiban update: all remaining static sleep calculations have been redone using stand deviation sleep calculates EdIt: Added 60 minute trial for the script. Edit 2: Update - v2.014 - If out of prayer potions and no prayer points and Zulrah HP is above a reasonable amount, the script will teleport out early
  14. Update - v2.01 - Added option to change inactivity timer on GUI - FIxed fairy ring deathwalk - Fixed fairy ring travel if not using extra food
  15. Yes it waits until the battle is over to break if it is in the middle of a fight.