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  1. Bsa

    Law RuneCrafter

    did u update script?
  2. Bsa

    Law RuneCrafter

    ids seem to have changed on just about everything except balloon transport, using balloon transport method. ruins,altar, cwars door. Consider making this script non dependent on ids, I'd pay for a premium law script. or make a premium package with multiple runescrafting scripts
  3. ^ yeah I got a 2 day bot busting ban as well, I would recommend not botting here on weekends because that's when most bot busting events take place.
  4. Bsa

    Law RuneCrafter

    still broken for me
  5. Bsa

    Law RuneCrafter

    Not working for me, ids changed I believe.
  6. Bsa

    Law RuneCrafter

    ^ laws are crashing a bit do NOT sell under 250 please we don't wanna turn them into the next nats -.-
  7. Bsa

    Law RuneCrafter

    Just realized that it does this on its own, awesome work its running flawlessly.
  8. Bsa

    Law RuneCrafter

    gatillaaaaaa I get around 500 per hour with walking, with house I am unsure. Warfront1 I have a suggestion for an option to add if you want to improve this script, add in an option to bank ring of duelings when they are at (1) charge left for people using balloon method. You can highalch these for 700+ gp so it definitely adds up.
  9. Bsa

    Law RuneCrafter

    If it happens again I will make sure to screenie, I am not really sure why this was happening. Thanks very much for you're continued support dude, your the best .
  10. Bsa

    Law RuneCrafter

    Plank handler is broken it often ends up going up the stairs and then just sits there for hours. probably ID change.
  11. Bsa

    TRiBot Beta 7.50_0

    I know you guys are working hard already but please prioritize fixing randoms ASAP. Thanks
  12. Bsa

    Law RuneCrafter

    running like a champ again. good work on this script man I appreciate the work you put into it
  13. Helped me, its very simple. Gj
  14. Bsa

    Law RuneCrafter

    Hey do you think you could make it so that if run is at 100% it turns on run, because just walking and never running in runescape is a little suspicious especially doing something tedious like rc for prolonged periods of time.This would result in more xp and gp per hour.
  15. Bsa

    TRiBot Beta 7.44_0

    I'm a little bit confused, are all randoms working at the moment?