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  1. I stun alched on another account for 16 hours straight on abc 1 and got banned. I highly recommend against it
  2. what ever happened? I ran this for 12 hours on ABC1 and got my head split
  3. Account Deleted

    close if necessary. Apparently Mod Mat K has stated if you get caught macroing, your account is deleted. GF 1601 total D: I knew this was coming though. It strange how RS works. Its like, you bot 24.7 dont even give a fuck because you dont really care if you get banned, but then you get banned and your just kinda sad and droopy the whole day. Often staring at teh screen unsure what to do lmao. Me playing rs consisted of me staring at the bot. LOL
  4. Account Deleted

    Okay so I log in, get a dc upon login. Obviously banned, but when i go to login in any regard whether in game or manage account it says my shit doesnt exist. What is going on here?
  5. I am trying to contact as well. PM when you can YOHO I added you on skype as well
  6. Open Source | qqqFiremaking

    Absolutely great script. To make this a post that contributes towards something beneficial, the only suggestions I have really is to perhaps make it able to go around flowers and other tiles you cant burn on. This also leads me to my next suggestion because obviously as of now you simply don't make it go on a lane that has a tile that isn't accessible; creating the possibility of presetting two (3) tile markers or something of that nature.. or perhaps the ability to set multiple lane markers. Anti-ban I think, really goes a long way. I do not know if that mouse speed varies a little or a lot, but if for example I set it at 180 then having it vary +- 20 would greatly help I hope you can see what I am trying to say here. This is merely a post that is trying to give a little feedback on the script. It is awesome already just figured you would like another perspective EDIT*- One feature I love about this script is how amazingly human it looks while using the tinderbox with the logs. Sexy.
  7. [Open Source] qqqPowerMiner

    No anti ban spooks me. I would like to know more about this script as it is the only one that can mine in the desert. I think this script has A LOT going for it. I would even say premium worthy if some motivation went into it. Great job but if your still around I would be glad to hear from you EDIT- It does in fact work
  8. My sincere apologies for not reading through the pages to find my questions answer first. It was quite late and I needed to go to bed I will be purchasing this. Thank you for your time
  9. Excuse my ignorance, but I see curse/alch, but does this stun/alch?
  10. Master Runecrafter AIO - Free & flawless!

    Excited and eager to see if this gets updated!!
  11. Auto Miner

    Thank you! I am glad I posted. Thank you for the script I appreciate it more than you know!
  12. Auto Miner

    Not exactly sure if this is your scripts problem or the clients, or if this is even a post that contributes towards something but I cant seem to run it longer than 10 minutes. It just started about 3 hours ago. I get this : [22:22:13] We are attempting to solve the Strange Plant random.[22:22:14] We successfully solved the Strange Plant random.[22:33:02] java.lang.NullPointerException[22:33:02] at scripts.miner.tasks.g.H(Mine.java:241)[22:33:02] at scripts.miner.tasks.g.f(Mine.java:222)[22:33:02] at scripts.miner.tasks.g.e(Mine.java:193)[22:33:02] at scripts.miner.tasks.g.h(Mine.java:64)[22:33:02] at scripts.miner.tasks.g.m(Mine.java:48)[22:33:02] at scripts.miner.EncodedMiner.run(EncodedMiner.java:95)[22:33:02] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) There's also a previous one: [20:49:37] We successfully solved the Frog random.[20:49:48] java.lang.NullPointerException[20:49:48] at scripts.miner.tasks.g.H(Mine.java:241)[20:49:48] at scripts.miner.tasks.g.f(Mine.java:222)[20:49:48] at scripts.miner.tasks.g.e(Mine.java:193)[20:49:48] at scripts.miner.tasks.w.active(Mining.java:51)[20:49:48] at org.tribot.api.Timing.waitCondition(qf:9)[20:49:48] at scripts.miner.tasks.t.m(Mining.java:34)[20:49:48] at scripts.miner.EncodedMiner.run(EncodedMiner.java:95)[20:49:48] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) The pattern im seeing is after the random it wiggs out. Probably client. Thought I would share!
  13. TRiBot Release 8.06_0

    are they changing randoms that frequently? geeez! : P
  14. Auto Fletcher Elite

  15. TRiBot Release 8.00_0

    thanks trilez! keeps the updates coming!! Pause script now works for me again... GREEAT JOB!