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  1. Nodemaster

    Grand Exchange [COMPATIBLE - ABC2/ABCL10]

  2. Nodemaster

    [Beta] Mute's Slayer

    Dam, I really wish this would get the updates it needs, slayer is such a useful script!
  3. Would it be unrealistic to make this into a slayer script as well considering everything else is coded, it would just need to get a new task, right? -adam EDIT: does this support ranging Wyverns? thanks
  4. Nodemaster

    lFarming - Farming run script

    Na man, Lynx just has that fresh private Client / Scripts
  5. Nodemaster

    tribot vs competion (In my opinion)

    The lower ban rate, side by side comparison is pretty cool too.
  6. Nodemaster

    tribot vs competion (In my opinion)

    TriBot is superior in every way (client related), possible. I wish it was easier to become a scripter on this platform so we could get more premium scripts out.
  7. Nodemaster

    [P] private wilderness looter

    Mate there not going to blink for $30 for this type of script. you might be looking at 50-70 at least
  8. This isn't a yelp review thread, just chill. It'll be back and working in no time. And ofc he's going to give you extended time..
  9. Nodemaster

    Rewie's Romeo&Juliet

    Nice! Grats on release
  10. Andys FDK literally paid for my car + food for so long. lmao