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  1. i can only run like 15 clients before i lag, yet i can still manage to run other bot clients that don't lagg?? I posted about this delay maybe a week ago. Haven't gotten any concrete answers besides paint delay, which was already optimized
  2. trial and error. If you want long term longevity, learn to code a bit.
  3. Margin checking is actually something to shy away from; I've been using private merch scripts since the original Grand exchange in rs2, and once a margin checking option was put in place, we always notice margins shrank considerably during busy botted hours (Na time zones). This did 2 things. -Profits went down -This brought attention from real flippers trying to compete with shrinking margins of multiple bots shrinking the margins over and over As a result of more attention from real flippers, more bans This current system isn't perfect, but it is very good.
  4. depends on what youre looking for
  5. Nodemaster


    @Fluffee is this going to get sorted?? this doesn't happen with other clients, can we fix this possibly as tribot has been the best since 2013, but this is a major problem that has recently popped up
  6. Nodemaster


    litterally when i run like only 10 clients mouse movement / clicks everything is delayed, im not even using about 50% of cpu & ram, just trying to find a possible solution thanks
  7. Nodemaster


    i am experiencing a bit of delay whilst using the client, and im wondering if there is a way to reduce that delay (mouse & click delay) all feels laggy -computer is at below 50% ram & cpu usage all opinions / thoughts welcomed
  8. Nodemaster

    Tribot freeze

    my issue is the client is kind of laggy / delay
  9. Nodemaster

    priv script

    Pm me or comment and ill pm you to discuss details, thanks
  10. using 3rd party API it merchs off current rates, yes? how does it handle holding items & selling crashing items == is there a way to import items via copy paste lol I have like 50+ lists from a private mercher script, and i'd like to test this one out cheers
  11. did they change something with attack style - every time i change to g amul it trains attack now until i manually change this. This literally almost ruined my accounts ALSO just noticed, it's missing power surges
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