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  1. Nodemaster

    tribot vs competion (In my opinion)

    The lower ban rate, side by side comparison is pretty cool too.
  2. Nodemaster

    tribot vs competion (In my opinion)

    TriBot is superior in every way (client related), possible. I wish it was easier to become a scripter on this platform so we could get more premium scripts out.
  3. Nodemaster

    [P] private wilderness looter

    Mate there not going to blink for $30 for this type of script. you might be looking at 50-70 at least
  4. This isn't a yelp review thread, just chill. It'll be back and working in no time. And ofc he's going to give you extended time..
  5. Nodemaster

    Rewie's Romeo&Juliet

    Nice! Grats on release
  6. Andys FDK literally paid for my car + food for so long. lmao
  7. keeps aborting and retrying to do offers at the same price over and over, only happening on a low % out of my total accts
  8. Nodemaster

    Zulrah loot seller / Restocker

    Title - Looking for a script that will do this. Skype = Gizablow
  9. Yeah this could of solved one of the issues, I doubt if it solved both though. WIll post here.
  10. Most recent update massively broke something for me, bot was logging in and out for 7 hours at zul-andra. I believe this issue is stacked on top of the previous issue I mentioned where the script randomly stops, giving the 7 minute timeout message. I've tried everything on your documentation thread in order to try and combat this issue I've been experiencing for some time. Still with all this, this is the best Zulrah script on the public market. Thank you for your hard work on it.
  11. Just zulrah scrolls;
  12. Silly question; I keep getting the 7 minute finish message "due to inactivity". What am I doing wrong?
  13. Before you were pouting, now your just being immature. Grow up.