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  1. Nodemaster


    yes i would pay some cash for this definitely
  2. slayer helmet supported?
  3. just whatever u have it set too in options, for example i have 6 overload 18 absorb, restock that, and if we have enough restock start game? enjoying the script a lot so far
  4. can you possibly just make it so if you have the points to restock for 1 game, it restocks and plays?
  5. oh, i just wanted it to keep playing nmz, i did'nt need 54 overload potions, just 6 to keep playing lol. maybe a better way to do that?
  6. bot bought 216 doses of overload so i have 0 points for absorption lol rip
  7. Nodemaster

    Loader not downloading?

    it should work, have you downloaded the latest Java?
  8. could you add a purchase option for 10 auths for 20 usd or something? it currently goes from 3 auths for 10 to 25 auth for 75. bit of a gap thx
  9. Please add Ava's accumulator quest line & NMZ questline