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  1. No scripts showing up

    Im not using a proxy when this happens, it happens almost daily
  2. Did Jagex just confirm client detection?

    I personally think clients offer some mouse delay, and that delay is different from client to client. I may not be bang on with this theory, but I bet you it's pretty close, if not.
  3. No scripts showing up

    Title, not sure whats up. I have internet connection and everything.
  4. "attempting new kill"
  5. I think it was resetting, i could be wrong
  6. I haven't changed any settings; having an issue where the script has gotten stuck here also worth noting the script usually* always has enough food to do another run but dose not when this happens EDIT: could you by chance add an option delete certain presets for item equipment in the GUI?
  7. As the master of boss scripts, do you plan on releasing a Rune dragon or Vorkath script? idk reqs
  8. Why would you use serp? [email protected] really interested in the restocking option. How would this script work and is it optional or would we NEED to pay the additional $5 even if we dont use it?
  9. oh ok. It doesn't even look edited.
  10. how did you manage 0 deaths in 159 kills
  11. during jad phase it will prioritize equipping gear over switching prayer. Only happens on my account with under 80 hp. weird
  12. I thought we came to the conclusion manual price checking was both unhealthy for the script because we undercut each other until low profit margins for all and could cause higher ban rates as the market is being directly affected With the current system, sometimes the script will undercut, but it allows more people to be merching the same item, undercutting simply cuts the margins until there is no profit to be made by anyone. This will piss off a very large community of people that enjoy merching by hand. There are YouTube channel(s) with over 15,000 subs dedicated to merching. It would get recognized that a merching script is destroying the market via MANUAL PRICE CHECKING. As we have seen time and time again, if a script affects the price / supply of an item, you see higher ban rates, every - single - time, reguardless of the method. Jagex will notice, and I personally don't want that extra exposure on my farm, nor does anyone else. We have a good thing going with the current AI of Tau GE 1. For these reasons above I DO NOT support manual price checking, as it will bring WAY to much attention to GE bots. And is NOT healthy what so ever, for item, profit margins.
  13. status is "idling". Next time it appears, i"ll snag more info
  14. Getting a weird occurrence were the bot idles after killing zulrah, let's loot disappear and then get's logged by the 7 minute setting. The debug just says it killed zulrah, and the loot.