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  1. If you own the account "remmikuz" you're a scummy person.
  2. RSGP Massive Crashing?

    VOTE YES TO PVP ARMORS. What we need is more gold sinks and even item sinks. We have the proposed 20% gold sink from PvP armor's, I don't know why there isn't threads all over the botting forums telling people to VOTE YES to PVP armors. gold sinks benefit botters and gold farmers. Gold sinks benefit ANYONE who may potentially sell gold as it reduces inflation (supply) which keep GP prices more stable. VOTE YES TO PVP ARMORS.
  3. Can you add clan wars banking? clan wars > portal > glory to edge > abyss > dueling ring to clan wars. repeat
  4. is broken, wait for a fix
  5. Can a clan wars banking option be added. clan wars > portal > glory to edge > abyss > dueling ring to clan wars. repeat
  6. Noob-account leveler

    damn this could be useful for me
  7. Script to sell silk to silk trader

    there are priv scripts, this method makes maybe 110k hr tho only plus higher ish ban rate. I'd keep looking personally. But maybe u'll find success with it
  8. Back in 2015 when high scores were v1. On top of that I did not use it for 500 kills back then. 228 kills if i remember correctly.
  9. do you not see the 500 kill discrepancy between my kill log in game and the high scores?
  10. Thank you Tribot #1

    thought it was going to be a irl purchase or something. #SwipeLeft
  11. https://gyazo.com/579adf60cf0a606f3a1bced6b87c4a3c This is either a bug or I am missing something :P?
  12. Been looking for this, for a while
  13. How to make the price of gold go up

    only way to make gold stay consistent, is for the major gold sites to collude and AGREE. ok here is our buy price here is our sell price. Now people come to us based on customer service, not price.
  14. zulrah now more profitable than pre nerf!

    I find the average zulrah drop (both loot rolls together) to be about 85k. where are before, it was about 120k