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  1. Intercourse

    [Lite] Encoded Fisher

    Why is this a "free trial" now?
  2. Intercourse

    [Lite] Encoded Fisher

    What s the most current version? I think im using an outdated version as my paint is different to your encoded
  3. Intercourse

    Auto Miner

    Currently using your fishing script to go for 99, Looks like this is my next stop! Great work dude
  4. Intercourse

    [Lite] Encoded Fisher

    Encoded, Is there a way we can donate to you? I'd like to. You've earned it buddy.
  5. Broken, Starts then walks to the bank and does nothing. Thought i'd actually tell you whats wrong with it rather then just posting "Broken". Please fix when you get a chance.
  6. Intercourse

    [Lite] Encoded Fisher

    Working Nicely. Thanks! Once slight issue though that ive noticed, Sometimes Im not sure what Happens but it seems to just click back and forth between spots but changing before it actually gets to the spot, so the bot just runs back and forth on the platform at the fishing guild. This is first plaform
  7. Intercourse

    [Lite] Encoded Fisher

    This must be recent, ive gone from 25-76 i the past 3 days fishing there and ive never had that problem
  8. Catherby shark fishing should be free. Fishing guild should be paid for because its a better place overall.
  9. Intercourse

    [Lite] Encoded Fisher

    Has this script been updated yet?
  10. Intercourse

    [Lite] Encoded Fisher

    Near flawless script. Great work! Vouching for this guy. Script has so far taken me from 1-70 in just a few days. Keep up the good work!