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  1. Is there any option that im missing to stop it trying to loot other peoples drops? im iron man and it just spams trying to pick up other peoples loot Edit*** Sorry was just reading back and the developer said he will add dead man looting soon, thanks man.
  2. awwwww mannn ive got 3k rings sitting there, ill need to do them by hand LOL
  3. Making emerald rings doesn't work, it uses the bar on the furnace then when the interface opens it just spams the mouse all over the screen very fast looking for the furnace, this script is the most bot like script i've ever used. Mouse speed is far too fast.
  4. mines is also running there and is slow on attacking
  5. the ammount of points you lose with not getting the 50 combat points is a complete joke, this script spends most the time standing around and spam clicking running back and forward, you really need to look at making this script better and its no where near premium stardard never mind a monthly price. Why is it just standing here doing nothing when it's got 31 points and only 1 portal left? http://imgur.com/iaVj984
  6. Fix the world hopping problem please.
  7. I've encounter ent trees and it worked fine but i haven't had a broken axe yet.
  8. Used this script to cut oaks and bank at varrock east for a hour and found no single faults, will use on some other location and leave some feedback but a great script well done.
  9. This should be interesting, i have a fully botted maxed character on rs3 from the rsbot.net days and i never took breaks 24/7 it and i still have this account to this day with 4 botting black marks lol i dont know how i managed it. The good old days...
  10. looks great, looks like the graphics from the old rsbots autominer.