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  1. pretty sure someone has a private farm on wines
  2. Tried the one hour trial after finally getting past the gui lol, was that process really necessary? Sadly I wont be buying after encountering a few bugs that required restarts every 5-10 mininutes
  3. Doesn't work, I also get a NPE
  4. watching movies/tv shows is a good one if you know an adequate amount, you will learn && have fun
  5. can you reduce the area plane here? Runs around the tree in some instances thx
  6. you can get free proxys if you do some research about them. Your paying effectively enough in some instances here to buy VPS's off a simple google search
  7. Did you use seers or polly for 70-80?
  9. Hello fuhrer, we have bad news. The 9th panzer division engaged the Americans in the city center of Cologne, but were quickly pushed back, and the divisional commander was killed. Remnants of the division attempted to flee across the Rhine River. The division is in a state of array, awaiting your further orders..
  10. maybe you should have taken your own advice?
  11. I agree, they generate "profiles" on accounts suspected of botting, displaying details such as hours/day, whether a "official" client such as osbuddy or the rs client or a "3rd party" is being used. and this would tie in to the chances of being banned.