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  1. Suicide botting is no breaks
  2. I don't think there would be an easy way to do this. One way I can think of which would probably work is getting the Co-ordinates of the object/npc then getting the color of the pixel in that coordinate then seeing if it matches? but that would be really inconsistent if you were in an area that has walls and other objects the same color as the NPC... That's all I can think of off the top of my head. I don't think this would be good way to go about this either its just an idea :|
  3. I made one a couple days after release, at the moment I've got 7 level 3 accs with 99 fm 70+ wc & fletch making around 300-500k/h getting 9-12 crates/h also getting 750-1000 points per game! Whoever releases this script to the public is idiotic as it would just ruin it and all seeds will crash causing Jagex to nerf it again....
  4. Anyone?..
  5. Hey guys, So I know you can set a proxy from the tribot loader, but I usually just don't select any and load tribot as normal. Once tribot has loaded I then click 'New client(Advanced)' and select my proxy for each tab. I've heard that this doesn't work though? Should I set the proxy from the tribot loader or is it alright to choose a proxy for each tab? Could anyone confirm this as I have always done it this way!
  6. Luckily for me I'm just touching up mine I've created, it's ultra flexible and efficient. I've been working on it for the past 3 days and I can say it's the best script i written so far! unfortunately for you guys I'm not scripter rank (Will be applying shortly) so I can't put it on the repository and no way am I releasing the source code!:p I'll make a thread showing it off once it's complete
  7. Hey guys, I was wondering if there was a way to make tribot load a different jar. For example when tribot is loading it says: Downloading jar http://oldschool(world).runescape.com/gamepack_9110980.jar but instead made it download the jar from a different link of my own. This is for experimental purposes making bots for rsps which load the current osrs client. Is there a way this could be done at all? If so help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hey guys, I'm needing the coordinates the Cerberus lair. This is for my RSPS as I just packed the new cache to my client and got the mapdata off a friend but I can't get to Cerberus to get the coords. If anyone could help it would be heavily appreciated!
  9. For some reason on all the scripts I am using when they get to the banking interface they won't withdraw anything. I've tried every Fletching script, all Herblore scrips, and most Firemaking scripts and its all the same. Is this just happening to me?
  10. Used this for around 3 and a half hours on my main and got a 2 day ban , overall its a good script but botting chinchompas has a pretty high ban rate i guess.
  11. Great script! put it on about 7am before i went to college, got back about about an hour ago and this my bang on the dot 12 hour proggie. Thanks:D