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  1. I'm slightly annoyed, I've posted numerous times about the fact that for me the cpu usage of this script is extremely high (combined with lg), im not able to run more than 3-4 clients on quite powerful computers, I'm refusing to repurchase this script until something is done about this.
  2. Anyone able to run more than 3-4 clients with this script + lg? I'm not happy with this script, because the cpu usage is extreme.
  3. Edit: Fixed the bug I was experiencing, bug was caused because there were items still in the ge slots that were not actually in the item list I was using.
  4. The cpu usage of this script + lg is extremely high for me, can anything be done to lower the cpu usage? Edit: I've already read trilez's guide on how to optimalise cpu usage client wise.
  5. Currently the script is still very inefficient with looking glass, after running the script for a while it usually just idles for long periods of time when there are multiple ge slots empty and/or multiple items fully sold or bought.
  6. Sometimes when I start the script all it does is idle, can lag be the cause of this or lg delay?
  7. Noticed that after a server dc the script doesn't always log back in, it just "idles" and keeps reloading items. Was at 800k/h until the rs server dced and the script wouldn't log back in. Edit: Another thing that I came across is that the script sometimes logs the character out and then logs in back straight after, and then idles again, this is not human like at all.
  8. @Final Calibur Script currently not working for yews, most likely because of a system update on rs.
  9. Yes correct, in this picture I only just got 60 wc so maybe the reason the proggy was wrong about current level is because of lg delay? Im very amazed by how flawless and human like the script is, its definitely premium worthy.
  10. Yea it runs fine without it, was just messing with the settings to see if it would effect gp/hour.
  11. Yes, however the script didn't even put the offer in, it would just select the item and then it would give the message saying "failed to set min price", then proceeded to close the ge interface and idle for a bit. I am using lg btw.
  12. Awsome, something else I just encountered is that whenever I enable pricechecking the box gets unticked when I reselect the item offer. Edit: When I unchecked full AI I was able to keep it enabled. Pricechecking seems to not be working for me at all, keep getting failed to set max price/min price even when I manually enter the price check buy and sell price.
  13. Bought the script, so far I'm quite amazed by how advanced it is and how good the artificial intelligence is. When I get a good item list ill start posting proggies. I've encountered one bug so far, it just randomly stopped and gave the following error: Edit: Saw someone else posted the same error on this thread and you said you fixed it, however I started the script about 2 hours ago and just received this error so I don't think its fixed yet.
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