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  1. WYD

    Server discussion?

    tribot never use injection
  2. I'm really happy you think that You just have a dirty mind.
  3. If you was thinking of going staking for the first time read this so you can win max cash. https://nmztraining.com/blog/post/9/OSRS-Staking-Guide-2019
  4. Banned can hit up to 90 days + when account have been botted just so you know
  5. That what i was thinking lol
  6. but free rent and free power xD
  7. Tassie prison have good food tbh
  8. WYD

    Tribot Chat

    Wish i can join
  9. I have S9+ and i love it
  10. Hard the fuck up!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I never know you was from canada.
  12. It boxing day now in aussie land.
  13. Not in aussie land no more
  14. https://nmztraining.com/sell-to-us/
  15. #aussie I Plan to get fuck on new year eve mate.
  16. I like to wish everyone Merry Christmas And a good new year stay stafy and get fucked up on new year eve and have a good time with your family and mates Love from WYD SERVICES
  17. Only need 75 mage and 60 def for barrows xD
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