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  1. Cos them ones can't use the ice and cold water.
  2. 30-40c "For the US noobs" 86f->104f <<<<<<<<<<<<<
  3. No idea .
  4. Can i help you with testing if you like mate.
  5. #LGFTW
  6. So this is a Portable Evaporative Air Cooler , so you can put ice and nice cold water in it and it use a fan to put that nice cold air out <333 in australia you need it
  7. So buy AMD 8350 OSRS use CPU Power. there no GPU needer
  8. Are you go to add ABCL2?
  9. 6700k is god for LG
  10. How hard can i hit you?
  11. Waitting gold to go back up i got 663m atm ahha