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  1. timschouten

    Proxy always asking for allow

    Do you guys know the solution already? Keeps happening to my bot too..:/
  2. GUI doesn't seem to start up when running the script. Anyone having the same issue?
  3. timschouten

    Bottting hours

    Thx for your information
  4. timschouten

    Bottting hours

    as Im pretty new and it could safe lots of money, since the lifespan of a bot would increase, by knowing what botting hours are most efficient... However, ill try to find it by myself
  5. timschouten

    Bottting hours

    ok, nvm
  6. timschouten

    Bottting hours

    Hello, last weekend I tried to suicide red chins to maximize my profits. However, after starting two bots at Friday 5 pm (GMT+1) and coming back home Saturday at 7 PM I saw that both accounts were perm. banned, even though I used different proxies on each account. For how many hours would you recommend to gold farm during the weekends and especially which hours? Would you use breaks, or not? I try to maintain the accounts for at least three weeks. Kind regards,
  7. timschouten

    Importance of LG

    ok, thx for the advise.
  8. timschouten

    Importance of LG

    Hello, as my computer runs pretty slow while using looking glass mode, compared to the normal mode on daxhunter, I was wondering how much the ban rate increases by running LG, instead of normal. Does the ban risk improve a lot, or doesn't it matter that much? Kind regards, Tim
  9. Hello, I've ran tribot in both normal mode, as looking glass mode while running the daxhunter script. If I use this script in the looking glass mode the bot runs too slow, compared to when I use in the normal mode, as it works fine in the normal mode. Does anyone know how this looking glass mode issue can be fixed, since the looking glass mode should influence the chance of being banned positively? Thx, Tim
  10. Have not yet been banned so far for the first couple days hunting red chins. So far so good, I would recommend this script! PS: looking glass mode effects the bot negatively, because the script will work very slow. I do not know if this could be fixed?