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  1. Gib

    Chompy Hunter

    Request: Chompy bird killerDescription: Collects gas at swamp using bellows (near castle wars spot pref.), captures frogs, plants frogs to lure chompy, kills chompy. repeat. Choice or collecting/dropping feathers & raw chompy. Or just kill chompies for the hats with an option of logging out once the 'target kills' have been hit.Payment Amount: Very negotiable. Would pay great money for the script which would be discussed on skype/dmTime: ASAP but no rushed script Additional: Skype :3
  2. download JDK x86 for 32bit and select when opening tribot client. rs uses 32bit so tribot should too for LG
  3. Gib

    Chompy killing script

    Does anyone make priv scripts anymore?
  4. Hi guys, Looking for a private Chompy killing script. Preferably, kills chompies near castle wars spot, supports collect feathers/chompys and banks by either walking/teleing using ring of duelling. PM me Skype to discuss prices thanks :-)
  5. Hey man. Any chance of a Chompy killing bot? Kills chompy's at castle wars spot, and the choice to collect/drop raw chompys/feathers? Drop me a line :-)
  6. Been banned on all accounts I used this bot with. Used a different Proxy for every account, only bought the auth yesterday lol Made me 2m from 10 hours of botting, obviously couldn't x-fer it because as soon as I went to login it logged me out. I had 4 runners and I was playing legit on my 'master' that I haven't botted on once. That got banned too. Not really bothered about the 2m but just do it with caution
  7. Yeah, I'm having the same problem too. Also seen a lot of people randomly stop and constantly relogging in RS. Baxtorian falls needs looking at :-\ On another note, I'm trying lobs out until BF is fixed. Seems good so far
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