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  1. The walking action descriptions are longer than the allowed text in the box and you cannot see all of it. I suggest being able to click the action or condition, putting mouse over the box and the ability to scroll through the text "if needed".
  2. I don't understand, isn't your script just pulling code from the API and making it in a simplified version?
  3. That's exactly what I was asking. Let's say down the line I wanted some help with the code as to figure out something that could work better and include it using the API mixed into your script program, that would be impossible. Will there ever be a way to transfer it into code?
  4. I haven't had time to use the script yet, but can you tell me if after I make a script and successfully complete it, does it transfer all the data into the API nomenclature, or does it stay as blocks in your program?
  5. This is very exciting! Good luck. I used to code, and I will definitely be using this!
  6. Is the script writer even active? Falconry has been unusable for months.
  7. 1 account is super old - like 7+ years so that would count out the 1-83 hunter. IP could have been flagged, but I wouldn't see why? The bots auto log out every 3-6 minutes since u dont find an imp. and I dont use a VPN. ehh trying to appeal right now.
  8. Anyone else just have their acc's banned? All three of my accounts received permanent bans within seconds of each other... Anyone know why? Edit: two of them received two macroing goldfarmer bans... Why would they do it twice?
  9. You should really take a look at the script. I don't know how to give specifics because there's just so much wrong, but the efficiency is so bad. Additionally I find the bot sitting there "going to ring 7" or "catching x impling" for 3-5 minutes.
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