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  1. ok now it works but says i dont have overloads (ID 11730) when i have 30 of them in my bank lol. [18:06:07] We are stopping the script because you are missing the following id(s) [11730]
  2. Hi, does someone know why my ExNMZ just stops working like 1sec after i start the script? this code appears:
  3. Ok.
  4. Thanks for your answer. I tried osbuddy.jar but unfortunately it didn't fix my issue.
  5. not using any proxy and im using .exe, but the looking glass works on osrs client for my friend and he has the same java update etc.
  6. it worked for me before.
  7. i have this one, i think its the right one?
  8. So i tried to bot with looking glass but got stuck here. deleted all TriBot & Java files and re installed them but still didn't work, i've tried with OSBuddy and runescape official client. can someone help?