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  1. What exactly is that? I have been doing trees lol (48 now)
  2. @daxmagex Could you please "@" me once it has been updated? I might forget... and don't wana risk botting without update to avoid ban
  3. I suggest not using the script until it gets fixed.. Both of my hunter bots got banned as I was botting @ black chins.. Maybe because of the clicking @daxmagex
  4. @daxmagex I was using LG - with 07 client; should I maybe use OSBUDDY? It died and idk how long it was stuck here for.. http://prntscr.com/f1bflh where should I set its default spawn to lumbridge?
  5. @damagex It was stuck on hopping screen for a while.. had to manually shut off/on script
  6. The script always takes 2 hits from green zulrah when running from west - east side ... idk if it sgltich or what it never plrays range :L
  7. Does this script only work on OSBuddy via LG? I seemed to have errors with regular 07 client @Worthy
  8. @WorthyI managed to fix it but it keeps withdrawing 1600 GP rather than 3200 GP? please help..
  9. Also how come the script freezes each time I press start? I am starting it at the clanwars bank with nothing in inv asides from setup am I doing it wrong @Worthy?? I fixed the roofs, toggled zoom, and fixed hotkeys
  10. Why is there no option for anti-venom + or does it automatically take if you do not have a serp? @Worthy
  11. It won't recognize my gear set up when I try to press save equipment?
  12. Also if I use the proxy on the client and then use LOOKING GLASS, does the account still go on proxy ip @Montreal
  13. I bought one last night and when I opened a second window on the client with the proxy, it froze both clients..