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  1. Oh god, there's rules now?
  2. I rode in on my valiant steed of justice, the testicles of this beast were legendary, much like my own. I noticed that a fellow named Mute has achieved the envious color of green. Full of pride and happiness as I congratulated him and let him ride my valiant steed for a morn. Good job. <3 Making me proud.
  3. You will most likely have to call PayPal and ask them to unblock your account/specify what the issue is.
  4. Please keep all ban discussion to the ban discussion thread: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/34851-the-official-banned-thread-all-ban-discussion-goes-here/
  5. Please make sure no firewall/peer blocker is blocking TRiBot. If it still doesn't work, close that client and then open a new one.
  6. Also go to the client settings and make sure "Load Only Local Scripts" is unchecked.
  7. Closed due to the imminent flame war. The comment I made was not a jab at you.
  8. I know that a scripter is currently creating a quest bot that does Waterfall quest better than KMJT's did and doesn't bug out like it has epilepsy.
  9. This is impossible for a script to do. I'm sorry but you weren't hacked by TRiBot or a private script. The client blocks access to reflection methods and the API doesn't give you access to anything but the player's RS name/your TRiBot username. Also, a private script on the repo would be especially safe as it checks everything upon upload. If there's anything bad found it'd be rejected from the repo. What you can do on your side though is to get Google authenticator setup: Here Also please make sure you change your passwords if you've used similar passwords on any other websites as this may also be how you were hacked.
  10. As stated, this isn't allowed. Cool use of the mention feature, @Dreaming
  11. Please keep all ban discussion thread to the designated thread: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/34851-the-official-banned-thread-all-ban-discussion-goes-here/
  12. It should add on. @ VIP. It won't add on. @ Staker.
  13. Moved to the correct section.
  14. Yes, it's the special characters in your name. Special characters do not work with logging in to the client and you'll have to either get a name change or a new tribot account.