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  1. Vancouver

    Congratulations to Mute

    I rode in on my valiant steed of justice, the testicles of this beast were legendary, much like my own. I noticed that a fellow named Mute has achieved the envious color of green. Full of pride and happiness as I congratulated him and let him ride my valiant steed for a morn. Good job. <3 Making me proud.
  2. Vancouver

    Hacked, it hurts

    This is impossible for a script to do. I'm sorry but you weren't hacked by TRiBot or a private script. The client blocks access to reflection methods and the API doesn't give you access to anything but the player's RS name/your TRiBot username. Also, a private script on the repo would be especially safe as it checks everything upon upload. If there's anything bad found it'd be rejected from the repo. What you can do on your side though is to get Google authenticator setup: Here Also please make sure you change your passwords if you've used similar passwords on any other websites as this may also be how you were hacked.
  3. Vancouver

    We Need Support Members [4/9/2014]

    We no longer need support members at this time. Thanks to all those who applied.
  4. Vancouver

    [READ BEFORE POSTING] Be specific

    Restart your computer and make sure your JAVA_HOME is set properly. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/471-ensuring-tribot-uses-the-right-java/ Also make a new thread as your post is in a thread for a rule.
  5. Vancouver


    Moved to the correct section.
  6. Vancouver

    We Need Support Members [4/9/2014]

    Bump. Still looking for support members. Support gets free VIP! PM Elmo your application.
  7. Right. We hold security very seriously and it's our first priority.
  8. Vancouver

    Middle mouse button?

    Moved to the correct section.
  9. Vancouver

    Settings explorer

    I suggested this to Trilez to be added soon/over the summer, he said "Sure". I dunno if that means he'll add it but he knows about the suggestion now.
  10. Vancouver

    Hidden promo?

    Nope. Just Warfront's RCer price. There're no plans to change that to a regular price, I believe.
  11. Vancouver

    wCombat - New to TriBot

    Moved to the right section.
  12. Vancouver


    Moved to the appropriate section.
  13. You must be a donator for this feature. https://tribot.org/donations/ (Wrong thread btw.)
  14. Vancouver

    What is the best combat bot to train in stronghold

    https://tribot.org/pricing/ You'll have to purchase premium scripts by themselves. VIP allows you to run as many clients and free scripts as you want, though.
  15. Vancouver

    [DEV] AutoBarrowsPro

    Please notify a moderator when you are able to continue development on this script and wish for this to be pulled from outdated.