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  1. I am wondering what the best script is to train melee/range on a med level account these days? I would prefer if the script is free
  2. GUI wont show up for me now. Was working last night now just a bunch of white boxes are on the screen EDIT: Works after restarting client 2 times. Thanks
  3. Anybody have issues with trying to rock cake to 1hp while ranging? It doesnt quite get to 1hp before the npcs spawn so 90% of the time it dies before it can take absorb pots.
  4. Same issue which ive never had before. Too bad nobody is online selling credits
  5. having the same issue, ive bought tons of credits and now it just wont go thru. Ive tried paypal and credit cards
  6. Just gave it a shot selling. Got stuck at the window saying they player didnt have the right quests. Just trying to help fix bugs!
  7. Having an issue with this and looking glass. Lags so hard it is pretty much froze. Worked perfectly before today. Probably tribot issue
  8. Also having problems with rock cake not working. It eats and uses absorbs at the same time and never gets anywhere
  9. Got perm banned last night here... damn.. acc never had any black marks. Anyways i loved the script lol
  10. I cant believe how well it gets the skeletons together.... It does better than i do... AWESOME work
  11. Ill have a proggy in the morning so far it ran for an hour and got 160k xp at 71 range
  12. I must be flagged or something... accounts only ran for 5 hours before all of them being banned again....
  13. The only way ive seen my slaves die lately is if someone lures a spider to the general store. Which i dont think there is anyway around it. Besides buying food at low hp or something
  14. Up the amount of noted ess the master trades to like 50. I have a lot of slaves coming back with not all of their ess because of other bots buying it in the general store
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