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  1. was an awesome script but be weary i was permanently banned from this script on my 9 year account with no appeals i know it's partially my fault but the antiban wasn't enough recieved 35-85 hunter in 2 days Account banned --
  2. alexxx473


    don't worry my account for 9 years was perm banned no warning nothing permanently banned had a clean record and everything
  3. i was banned from using this script. works good needs ^better antiban
  4. its not working it clicks on the guy and scrolls around on the hay bales is it me? jk the client was updating lol it works really nicely thanks!!
  5. alexxx473


    Thanks so much for the 99 skill cape looks sexy Will be posting a picture of my 99 in a bit thanks! Edit by FallenShadow: Please don't post your username, people could report you for botting and it could get you banned.
  6. alexxx473


    brought me from 50- 85 so far! (: but i just ran into 1 problem now that i'm at magic longbows it wont cut the bow it just keeps clicking on the knife and then the log is this because the game just updated or what? thanks for all help with the levels (: Edit: it's just when I cut magic longbows stringing works fine
  7. alexxx473


    50-78 so far no problems very nice indeed made me over 1.5m so far (:
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