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  1. stingiiz

    Getting an Error

    Thanks for the swift reply! Appreciate it.
  2. stingiiz

    Getting an Error

    Can anyone please lend me your assistance? I get this error on both of my computers. Able to load client ,but when I try to run a script nothing happens. Receiving the following error below. [10:48:59] Error: Negative file size for archive 10. A735005 B651876 C1 D20782 E20783 F3055 G-3
  3. This script is by far one of the worst i've ever used that was premium in my days here @ tribot. I used it for about 1 hour and noticed it was shit. I log in this morning to a banned account go figure. I just bought this script yesterday also waste of 10$ good thing I didn't purchase the lifetime which I usually like to do to support them. I recommend you do not use this garbage and hopefully the mods here will remove this.
  4. Exactly why I didn't bother buying this script. Knew this was going to be a huge issue, especially because merch worlds are full of scammers aswell.
  5. stingiiz

    TRiBot Development (5/10)

    Just looted a berserker ring off some guy that died to a strange plant ouch ;c.
  6. stingiiz


  7. Pete random is always a PHAIL.
  8. Hitting 99 Firemaking Today with this script , thank you so much!
  9. 30k maples till 99 fm now <3
  10. 91 firemaking so far, been using this script since 1. Flawless if I may add , just have to babysit it often because of the random events appearing every 20 minutes or so. If it had a minor anti-ban installed it would be perfect. It'll sometimes click a log too soon or not burn the last one in the inventory ,but whatevers does not make a big difference. 110k xp with maples and 73k xp with willows. Thanks man.