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  1. [09:16:37] java.lang.NullPointerException [09:16:37] at scripts.ScriptMaker.api.methods.f.I(DefaultMethods.java:143) [09:16:37] at scripts.ScriptMaker.api.methods.f.I(DefaultMethods.java:101) [09:16:37] at scripts.ScriptMaker.api.types.intent.object.actions.id.ClickObjectIDAction.I(ClickObjectIDAction.java:29) [09:16:37] at scripts.ScriptMaker.api.types.main.Intent.J(Intent.java:35) [09:16:37] at scripts.ScriptMaker.api.types.main.Intent.I(Intent.java:134) [09:16:37] at scripts.ScriptMaker.api.types.block.r.I(BlockExecutor.java:12) [09:16:37] at scripts.ScriptMaker.GUI.k.run(MainGUI.java:85)
  2. Last Active Today, 03:13 PM ive got you added on skype and you dont even reply to messages half the time. yeah you could be busy but not that busy.
  3. please update so that it does not attempt to hop to f2p worlds there was an update that made previously existing worlds f2p. To deal with the recent influx of new F2P players, we have temporarily converted 3 members worlds to F2P. Worlds 301, 326 and 335 are now F2P. These worlds will be changed back at some point next week after we have had a chance to set up additional F2P worlds.
  4. Hopefully you will actually update this script within a couple days instead of the usual 1-2 weeks as per norm.
  5. Are you ever going to fix this script or are you going to keep posting whats wrong with it and then do nothing? we tell you all the time on this thread whats wrong with it and you keep ignoring us. Your "ultimate fix" or whatever it was called did nothing and is now completely crap, the script cant even handle an impling standing still most of the time. Getting sick of you just ignoring whats wrong and doing nothing.
  6. can this be updated sometime soon? lol. It literally takes you 5 days at a time to get around to updating it after people talk to you on skype/post on this thread.
  7. Hey could you update the world hop portion of the script so the it doesnt get stuck on pvp worlds, also fix this ""invalid button - 0 Using this button is highly detectable and has a good chance of getting accounts banned. Overriding.." Would appreciate it a lot edit: also by pvp worlds i mean, High risk world warnings seems to get stuck.
  8. So you wont be updating til the client issues are fixed? so you are not the real outofctrl?
  9. meh had 300 nats and like 400 waters anyways lel was gonna let script run til it ran out and i'd restock next day xDD btw are you the real outofctrl or just someone using his name ;p???
  10. Script has some major issues atm, lots of errors in the client tab and just sits after world hopping. Can you please take a look at this and fix the script please.
  11. can you please provide an update for any of the following bugs/errors: exchanger gets stuck for withdrawing too many implings (inventory is too full sits there spam clicking exchange) still gets stuck after logging in Has trouble snaring implings ex: tries to snare an imp too far away runs around and forgets about the impling. Gets stuck trying to walk around the corners. Really getting sick of having to watch the bot to fix any of these^^^ time consuming and its a bot afterall..
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